How many of your are SAHMs? Do you ever sometimes just feel like you need a little me time?

Kestin M 1 like

Yes! But I do love being a stay at home mom:)

BoyMom 0 likes

I am! And yes I do... A workout class with childcare helped me out a lot

Cortnee A 2 likes

Oh yes all the time. That is one thing hubby's don't understand, they get to leave and interact with other people. We are at home with the same child or children every day all day 24-7. We don't get a break, they don't see why we need some me time when we are just staying home. But I know the exact feeling you are talking about

Alyson ? 2 likes

I'm a stay at home mom, I usually cook or watch tv, clean or sew during nap time and I take LO out of a stroller jog with my neighbor a lot, so i can get some time with an adult who understands me lol nap times get me through the day!!

Mariah N 1 like

Yes 😩 I adore my son and he's an incredible baby, but having a child depend on you for everything 24/7 becomes so emotionally exhausting! My husband set up this thing for me to get rewards when I lose weight (at my request) and I asked for a day out without the baby for one. Haha

Jordan C 2 likes

I'm a stay at home mom but my husband helps out a lot. I love staying home with my LO.

KW β 1 like

I wish I had like an hour a day of just me time. It would really help my sanity.

Shannon M 1 like

Yes I miss my "me" time. But fortunately the hubby will be home at nights and weekends again, thank goodness. So I will get a break!

Amanda G 1 like

Lol yes...I just exploded at my husband bc I was so frustrated with Lo not taking her nap and I hadn't had my 1 damn cup of coffee yet and it was already 5p. I said, I'm with her 24/7 with NO breaks so I just need your understanding that I'm going to get frustrated once in a while and need some ME time. Sheesh!

Crystal Q 1 like

I'm a SAHM but my hubby's awesome to help - taking over kid duty when he comes in from work, getting up with our son, & takes full care of him on his rare days off. Those moments are my "me time" ...

Nicole S 1 like


Jacenda β 2 likes

My husband and I trade off he works during the day(so do I from home), but when he gets home he takes over and I can take a shower or have a little quiet time. I appreciate him for understanding and being a great dad and husband.

Andrea 1 like

Everybody needs ME time in order to stay sane.

Courtney β 2 likes

Yesssss Thankfully my SO understands and immediately takes over when he gets home πŸ™πŸΌ

Kristy C 1 like

Yes and there's NOTHING wrong with that. You definitely need time to yourself. It's hard when their little but it's important for your well being to find regular time to yourself and it's ok to get away for a little bit every once in awhile

MamaBear 1 like

That's the one thing my husband does not understand. SAHMs do not get breaks. And we desperately need one once in a whike

Christine C 1 like

Yeah I feel the same way some days, but would not trade it for anything. I normal sew and work on my etsy shop when she sleeps, gives me time to my self for about an hour.

Gina B 0 likes

I feel my husband don't understand that I need ME time :/

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