How many of you moms had morning sickness during your pregnancy? How long did it last and did you have a boy or girl ?

Mommy To L 1 like

Got it At 8 weeks had a girl ended at second trimester

S L 1 like

I had it from 4 weeks till 13 weeks with my dd

K M 1 like

First 4 months Allllll day long both girls

Miranda N 1 like

Had it the entire time and I had a boy

Brittany M 1 like

Started around 8 weeks and lasted about 2 or so months. Luckily it was usually just in the morning. Had a healthy baby BOY!

Ashley M 1 like

I got it sometime between 4-6 weeks. Lasted til midway through the second trimester. Went away and then came back with a vengeance in my third trimester. And it wasn't morning sickness, it was all the time sickness. I never actually vomited, but the constant feeling of nausea reeks havoc on your appetite and ability to sleep.

Mrs. H 1 like

I never actually vomited but the nausea went away around 14 weeks w/baby girl b

Kara P 1 like

Stopped abruptly when my second trimester began. Had a girl πŸŽ€

Rachel B 1 like

I had nausea thru the middle of my 2nd trimester & had a girl.

Ashley H 1 like

6-11 weeks but felt way longer. I had twin girls. I would still get nauseous every now and then but that majority was the first trimester

TaylorGrace's M 1 like

Til about 5 months and I had a girl

Caro S 1 like

Never had morning sickness and i had a boy and a girl

Meghan B 1 like

I had it the whole 9 months and I had a girl

Mel E 1 like

Had it my entire pregnancy. Threw up at least once a day and was always nauseous. Had a beautiful little girl. If you were prone to motion sickness before being pregnant it can sometimes make morning sickness worse.

C B 1 like

around 12 weeks. Showers and brushing my teeth were the worst! I had a little girl.

Courtney β 1 like

Got it during the end of my first and my entire second trimiseter, i never actually threw up from it but i came close to it a lot I always kept crackers or bagels by my bed and I'd drink it with water and be fine

Ruth A 1 like

For me it started when I was 5 weeks and stopped when I was 17 weeks and I had a boy πŸ’™

Ashley L 1 like

With my first, I had it literally every day, all day of the first trimester. I lost 15 pounds from throwing up so much and not being able to eat and had a boy. This baby, I was queasy feeling for about 2 months but only vomited a couple times and I find out Monday what I'm having.

Ellie M 1 like

Got it around 8 weeks, it was actually Mother's Day last year that I got my first morning sickness. It always came right after I woke up and it was horrible, all acid, but I stopped around 14-16 weeks or so. I had a little boy

Archer's M 1 like

Mine started at 8 weeks and I still have occasional morning sickness at week 24! I'll be having a boy.

Chelsea M 1 like

I was very lucky with my only son, I didn't have morning sickness at all during the pregnancy. But, I did have ridiculously harsh heartburn whenever I drank or ate anything besides water all through the pregnancy and for about a year

Ashley R 1 like

Yes. Entire first tri, both girls

Autumn B 1 like

I did! Got it at around maybe 12 weeks or so. Didn't go away until like maybe 3-4 weeks into my second trimester. I have a girl!

Kelli M 1 like

It lasted about half way through the 2nd trimester. It was pretty bad for several weeks. I'm having a girl πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ€

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