How many of you Mommas is vaccinating their kids for flu this season?

Out N 1 like

No I would never do the flu shot, I feel the benifits dont our way the the risks

Second Time M 2 likes

👋for sure!!

Kristen G 1 like


Kailey M 1 like

Always do

Jessica D 1 like

No we never get it.

Kat E 1 like

We will all get one except my youngest is under 6 months and you have to be over 6 months to get it.

Ashley H 1 like

My kids always get the flu shot.

V R 1 like

We do get it every year.

Mel Marie 1 like

Not flu. It's Rare I get the flu vaccination For them

Bri 2 likes

I didn't for the first 4 years for my dd. She had a form of flu 3 years. Got her and I the vaccine last winter we didn't get the flu at all this past year. So we plan to continue.

Mandy A 1 like

Yes!! Not just for the sake of my child but for the sake of others who may have compromised immune systems and can't get it!

Brandi T 1 like

No not the flu shot.

Cali^Mom 1 like

Already did!

Mama Of M*** and A*** 1 like

We did already 2 weeks Ago

Hi T 1 like

I (reluctantly) get it because I'm a nurse and work with sick people but I don’t give it to my children.

TeacherMom H 1 like

🙋🏼‍♀️ absolutely

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