How many moms have little ones with ADHD? Just wondering cause my oldest has it and he is very hyper with out his medicine. But personally I don't like for him to take it because I'd rather him be his self.. But he's way to hyper without it.. But I hate to give my kids any kind of medicine anyways.. Unless they really have to have it.. Any advice on this or opinions????

S S 1 like

My Oldesy was just diagnosed few months ago...we don't use medicine. We have a chart for school and home. Not sure if you tried anything like that. We also cut out sugar

Ty L 2 likes

Have you tried a special diet for him? I heard that sometimes that could work.

Aleks C 1 like

Please find some other solution and stop giving your child medication that he doesnt need just because he is free spirit and has strong character - let him be him self. I'm sorry, but did you review method of education that you practiced at home or teachers at school.... Dont cut his wings! He doesnt need meds!!!!!

J B 2 likes

ADHD is far different then being "free spirited". This prognosis can have life long effects if not treated properly. There has been evidence that diet can help, try that. If you are not comfortable with the diagnosis and plan put in place, ask for a second opinion, it's your right. If you have a child that in the end needs medication, please do not feel bad about that or ever think you are changing who he is. ADHD is a disorder that doesn't define who your child is.

Danie M 1 like

My 10 year old has ADD, we don't medicate though, the teachers changed their way of teaching her and changed the format of school work.. Try changing the diet, it worked wonders for my friend.. Look up suggestions on what to avoid

Hailey D 1 like

Honestly I think the medicine route is the right way to go adderal is a good medicine I think because they take it once in the morning and once at lunch and by the time school is out it is worn off so they can pay attention at school and be themselves at home

Kathryn C 1 like

My little one is to young to be diagnosed yet. My husband has ADD and only found out when he was 26 just a few months before our wedding. He takes meds and what a difference it has had on him. Your child is young and there are numerous things you can do to help, lots of the moms have great ideas. Try one and if that doesn't work try another or combine meds and working with the school to help. There are also therapists that might specialize and have ideas too.

Katie B 1 like

My 7 year old is extremely hyper. Never been diagnosed, but we are pretty positive he has it. We wake him up at 630 so he has time to run around outside before school. Then at recess his teacher has him run laps around the field. After school we go to the park and he runs around. If we give him LOTS of exercise he tends to be able to focus more on school and listening.

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