How many have circumcised their baby boys?

Amanda Z 0 likes

I did :)

Sam W 0 likes

All four of my boys are

Mamma K 0 likes

I did as well.

Alyson ? 3 likes

I don't have a boy but I will not. There is a lot of things you can read about why it's a useless procedure. But to each their own.

Alison β 3 likes

We did not. I ultimately left the decision up to my husband (he is circumcised). We did a lot of research and talked to many doctors before making the decision to not circumcise. It is a personal decision that only you can make. Do not let others make you feel bad for what you decide is best for your baby.

Katie C 0 likes

I did. Went just fine and out Vaseline on for about a week and healed well.

Alysha B 0 likes

We did. It was a difficult decision.

Garcia 1 like

I did not

Mommy Of Two Guys 0 likes

Before we left the hospital that's when they did my LO's . It's heal right around the time his umbilical cord fell off

Danie M 0 likes

My boys are.. My 1 son was born naturally circumcised

BoyMom 0 likes

We did. There was really no question that it was going to be done.

Amanda H 0 likes

I was neither for or against. My husband wanted our son to be circumcised. So we ended up doing it.

Mommy Of Two Guys 1 like

Then said if you don't when they get older they might get a lot infections on and off from that skin

Alyson ? 2 likes

It's ultimately up to you, however I strongly suggest you do it based upon research not looks. I found the best article the other day on it, and on proper cleaning of the uncircumcised penis and WHY it gets infected. I wish I could find the article. Best of luck to you!!

Bianca D 1 like

We did

T's M 1 like

We did it.

Amanda K 1 like

We did!

Sasha L 1 like

I did 2 days after he was born in the hospital .. It healed very nicely ... Medically if you don't circumcise there can be a lot of issues in the future with infections .. My father never had one he is 71 and he recently got s bad infection to the point they had to give him one .. At age 71!!Can you imagine the pain? It's better to just do it when they are small bc they won't remember the pain and you also save yourself a future medical visit bc of infection. It's one less thing to worry about

Mommy Of T 1 like

We did before we left the hospital. It's much cleaner and less infections

SquishyMommy1 2 likes

We did not. Our boys are intact. Never a infection between the 3 of them in 11 years. If it's taken care of properly the risk of infection is equal to that of a circumcised penis taken care of properly.

Tia S 0 likes

I did.

Kayla J 0 likes

Yes! Lots of infections are possible in the future, you have to teach them how to clean it and everything. Little boys even going into older ages don't clean themselves very well. That's the reason I did it

Jordan A 0 likes

2 of my best friends in high school were Mormon so they were not circumcised. They both absolutely hated it and one actually had to be circumcised as an 18 year old because of complications! It was rough/: my son is circumcised and it was so simple. It took a very short amount of time and he healed fast! All you have to do is keep Vaseline on it for a little while!

Jenn S 0 likes

Both of my sons are.

Mandy M 3 likes

It's proven that infection is no different in circumcised or uncircumcised penises!! I did choose to have my son done. But that infection thing is not actually accurate! πŸ˜„

Alyson ? 2 likes

There is not evidence that the circumcised penis gets infected less than a non. That only occurs when you force it to retract. The foreskin should not retract until puberty. It also is self lubrication and there may be discharge but that is not something you need to clean. Many people aren't educated on it and they try to clean it and retract it and that's when it can cause a problem. It it fused to the penis like a fingernail is to the nail bed. When someone tries to retract it

Alyson ? 2 likes

To clean, prematurely then infections can occur. Infections occur because in this country we are ignorant to it. We believe it's dirty when it's not. It cuts off so many important nerve endings that are important to sex. Also, as it is self lubricating like a vagina, it's important to keep it, for sexual health. Sorry I'm not trying to spam up this question--just don't believe people when they tell you that it is safer or prevents anything circumcised because they are wrong. Read up on it. :)

Alyson ? 0 likes

You clean an uncircumcised penis like you would clean your finger.

Gunner Danger's M 1 like

We did. I left it up to my husband. I didn't see the point but he wanted it done. It's a purely cosmetic procedure these days. There is no evidence that it prevents disease or infection any better than basic hygiene. I think my husband just didn't want to try to explain why him and daddy look different.

Tavia R 0 likes

Me!! But they messed up my sons penis ! They didn't cut enough foreskin off so I have to get him recircumsized!! Make sure if you do get him snipped that they do it right the first time !! It's horrible to see them go through it more than once !!

Mama P 0 likes

We did not

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