How long does PP hair loss last?? I'm shedding like a dog over here šŸ˜©

Amanda D 0 likes

It always last 3-5 months. I usually end up cutting mine shorter to help with it.

Sanita S 0 likes

Have you had your thyroid checked?

Xenia M 0 likes

I was losing hair up until he was six months... It helps a lot if you keep drinking your prenatals or hair skin and nails vitamins!.. That's what I did

Mindy A 0 likes

I was about 5 months before it slowed. Now it's growing back and I have little hairs sticking up everywhere when it's pulled back haha

Leslie C 0 likes

Me too!!!

Tricia J 0 likes

Take Biotin! It helps! I think mine lasted less than a month because I started taking Biotin. Something my MIL recommend when I started shedding (scary!). Good Luck!

Courtney H 0 likes

Mine started at 3mo pp and stopped at about 5mo pp but not before taking what felt like half of my hair!! It's now growing back (quickly) but I have tons of baby hairs and fly aways now (almost 8 mo pp)

Rasha M 1 like

Surprisingly, I never had any issues with my hair during pregnancy. It was actually healthier than ever. It was one of a few positive things about my pregnancy with all the other terrible changes that were happening to my body. But lately I'm having a massive dandruff problem. No hair loss though

Caroline B 0 likes

My hair loss started about 3 month after giving birth and lasted for about 2 months. My hair is now recovering. It's hormonal its all

Jessica F 1 like

The only thing more annoying than pp hair loss is the pp regrowth!

Miste M 0 likes

the hair loss will taper off 6-12 months post pregnancy your body is still full of all those hormones that's why doctors recommend to wait on having another baby for atleast minimal a year because even tho your feeling great your body isn't back to normal internally or hormonally :)

Kellie L 1 like

I'm not exactly sure how long it lasted but it felt like forever! Then all of a sudden I noticed it stop. But now I have hair that sticks straight up on top of my head in my part. Looks like I got electrocuted!

Heather B 0 likes

I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I totally expected to molt after I gave birth but no hair loss yet and my hair is healthier than ever. Not sure what the deal with that is...

Garnet M 0 likes

Yes! I'm 13 weeks PP and I feel like it's coming out in chunks.

Stephanie W 0 likes

Start taking biotin!! I'm pretty sure that's the only reason why my hair stopped falling out.. SAMs club has. 5000mg dissolvable tablets for really cheap. I've been using it once a day for months and the bottle is still practically full. I BF and my sons hair is even growing fuller and longer faster!

Claudia B 0 likes

6 months!! Be pacient! your body is adapting to this stage. So many changes before :)

Kathy M 0 likes

Lasted 11 months with me

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