How long did you continue breast feeding once solids were introduced? There is so much literature but what do moms actually do.

J B 3 likes

Breastfeed the first year if you can.

Charo C 2 likes

I'm at 9 months hope to make it to one yr

Malak H 1 like

I'm going to breast feed till my son is a year and a half

Alison M 1 like

I'm still breastfeeding at almost a year - he got teeth later (10 months) and has done a lot of comfort nursing and has been on a bit of a solids I won't be stopping at a year like I planned πŸ˜‰

Krystal C 1 like

I've read a lot of literature that concludes at least 2 years is best. Me? I plan to continue for a year then introduce a sippy cup with breast milk alongside meals for the next year if I can

S T 2 likes

We are still breastfeeding at almost 21 months. Right now, the plan is still to allow him to self-wean.

Miriam C 0 likes

Do what's comfortable for you and your child. I waited until my child was a year old. That's usually when they can start drinking dairy milk so it can be a great time to start but either way you choose your baby will still be healthy and happy:) good luck!

BoyMom 1 like

I'm planning on breastfeeding for at least a year.

Erin S 1 like

We're gonna do a year too--breastmilk is still baby's primary nutritional source until then and the solid foods are more for practice for later.

Shaunna G 1 like

Still breast feeding and he's going on two next week. Planning on when he's ready to self wean. He nurses between 2-3 times a day. Has 2 cups cows milk 3% and also water. Do what you feel is best for you and your lo.

Remiya B 0 likes

I'm at 8 months and trying to make it to a year.. Breast milk or formula should be still be a main staple even when starting formula..sometimes my LO doesn't eat lunch she'll just nurse. And sometimes she skip dinner and just nurse which is completely ok

Molly S 1 like

I breast fed my son until he was 13 months. Then I weened him off.

Caitlyn S 1 like

9 months and trying for a year

Erin H 0 likes

I still breast feed. My LO is 7m and only eats breakfast solids. Other times I still breast feed or give her bottle breast milk. Even when she starts two or three solids meals ill keep going to hopefully a year.

Alysha B 1 like

I breastfed my son almost 14 months & would have gone longer but had supply problems.

Sarina W 0 likes

I'm BFing at 9 mon and have every intention to continue till he weans himself. I'm not in a rush to stop. Do what works for you. I know many moms that BF their toddlers (2-4 y/o)

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