How long did it take for your milk to come in. EBF and just getting a little discouraged because I'm not really producing much. How much colostrum actually comes out?

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My milk didn't come in until about a week later.

Margaret S 1 like

Mine took 3-4 days. Drink tons of water and I think mine came in quick bc I ate oatmeal once or twice a day after I gave birth

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Mine came in the day after I came home from the hospital. But you don't make very much yet till about a week 2 weeks later you make as much as your baby eats the more they suck the more it tells your body to make

Boy M 1 like

Mine took 5 days to come in and you will know when it comes in. πŸ˜ƒ

L C 1 like

Just keep trying lots of practice helps. Eat oat meal and relax it will work !

Michaela R 1 like

About 4 days. I cried and cried until it came in. But it was all good in the end.

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Baby is sucking quite a bit. I just don't know if he's getting anything.

Kimberly L 1 like

Mine took about 5 days to come in.

Diana F 1 like

If you're worried about the intake your lo is having count the dirty diapers. Pee=enough to eat Poop=calories

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Mine came in the second night home from hospital. Your body will make what the baby needs/'s very much based on supply and demand. I was so engorged that first night that I pumped for relief because LO didn't take enough...there are mixed thoughts on pumping this early, but I genuinely feel that it helped my supply. And you can always start storing milk!

Kathy I 2 likes

Mine came in at 4 days pp

Andy 1 like

Around day four my milk came in

Mama Of 3 2 likes

About a week but I had a friend who took 2 weeks but don't worry it will come and baby doesn't need very much the first few weeks of life if you google the size of a newborns stomach it's like the size of an olive or something super tiny just a small Amount of milk will fill them.

Marianne M 1 like

I was 6 weeks early and it took a good 10 days. It's normal to produce only about an ounce per session the first week, but that's all LO needs. Just keep at it and pump if LO doesn't nurse for long, at least every 2-3 hours round the clock. Don't get discouraged. It isn't always easy at first, but it does get better. Read this article. It might make you feel a lot better.

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For me, It was about 5 days with both my babies before it was fully "in." Just keep at it. Nurse as much as baby wants to and don't introduce formula yet. The baby will get everything she needs from you. Nursing often will trigger your body to make milk.

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Just keep putting LO on the boob, it will come in soon!!

Mama Of 3 1 like

I posted the pic in the new feed if you refresh your home button. that shows the size of a newborns stomach.

Jen M 1 like

About a week, maybe more. I had transitional milk after the colostrum was gone but then it took a while for the production to really kick in. Drink lots of water and eats lots of oatmeal!

Erica C 1 like

4-5 days. Babies stomachs are very small, only takes a teaspoon to a tablespoon to satisfy them. If he/she is having good wet diapers, then all is well.

Alyssa S 1 like

4 days. And boy did it come in! I was engorged from the start! So painful...

Kelli M 1 like

It took several days for me. I had to supplement. They say you produce the amount your baby needs but I was bone dry even with hand expressing for several hours when I decided to supplement. The more your baby tries to breastfeed the faster it should come in. But if your baby is pooping and peeing enough then they're getting enough to eat.

Marianne M 1 like

If you want to know how much LO is getting, talk to a lactation consultant or your pedi about weighing LO before and after a feed. You can see how many ounces. In the first few days, it's really not much, maybe an oz or two. By a month, it may go up to 2 oz and level off. Just keep doing what your doing. Pretty soon you'll feel engorged, but that won't last too long either. Good luck, mama!

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If your baby isn't fussing and crying after feeding he's getting enough your baby will let you know if he's not getting enough to eat. I worried the same thing but when she didn't get enough she cried then I knew to switch boobs. And at almost 7 months when my milk was drying n I didn't know it she cried all the time after feelings had to give formula. If you pump to always remember you make more then the pump pumps out a baby's suck is stronger then a pump so don't get discouraged;)

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