How long after having you baby till you got a good nights sleep?

Amanda M 1 like

It's been five months for me and I still struggle to sleep all night. Honestly, I've adjusted though. I can wake up two times a night with my LO and feel awake the next morning.. After I get some coffee. It all depends though. Even when your LO sleeps all night, you'll wake up in a panic thinking something is wrong. 😣

Cali^Mom F 2 likes

I'm 10 mo pp- haven't yet. But you get used to it and I am getting more sleep than when she was littler.

Jocelyn G 2 likes

For me about a month but it really depends on if you're breast feeding or not. I myself had to stop bf because my daughter wasn't getting enough and formula keeps them fuller longer so she's really been sleeping through the night since she was a month old. But every baby is different

Chelsea S 1 like

At around 2 months, thank God he started sleeping through he night then!

Nathaly M 0 likes

My LO is 2.5 mths and I've set a little routine for him. Feed him, bathe him and he's knocked out by 11 and wakes up around 6/7am. I do that everyday and so far it's worked for me.

Hannah H 4 likes

18 years. Just kidding. It really just depends on your baby. Mine has been sleeping great since she was a month old but I don't feel like I've gotten good sleep

Vanessa S 1 like

I got lucky, my LO sleeps through the night for 6-7 hours, she is 2 months old, started to sleep well at 1 month, there are some days where she would wake up in the middle of the night, id change her, feed her and then she'd pass out again. I would feed her before her bedtime, and not wake her for a feeding at night but let her wake up herself if she was hungry if not, just let her sleep.

Jasmine P 0 likes

Occasionally I Get A Good Nights Sleep & My LO Will Be 6 Months On The 27th. It Depends Lol

Fara J 0 likes

The meaning of a good night sleep changes when you become a mom. For me 4-5 hours of non-interrupted sleep is good. And I take a nap with my son during a day that's usually 1-2 hours. He is 13 weeks old.

Yuliya L 0 likes

I would say at 6 weeks you can start hoping for it

Janeth P 0 likes

I got to sleep good about 1 month. If you set a schedule for your baby it will be much easier

June G 0 likes

My seven month has finally been sleeping through the night however now my 4yr olds sleep schedule is messed up. Hes up all night and sleeps part of the day. I almost have him back to normal now so im hoping one more month of being woken up 4-5 times a night. Then a full nights sleep. What a wonderful thought.😊

Em A 0 likes

I am normally a light sleeper. My son is 6m and most nights he sleeps through the night. Ever since I gave birth to him I am such a light sleeper I can't fall asleep because both my husband and baby snore and I wake up all throughout the night. You can drop a pin and I will hear it and wake up. It sucks. I'm so tired.

⭐️ Asia ⭐️ K 0 likes

Honestly? When my LO was abt 2

J B 0 likes

After breast feeding was over. My daughter was sleeping 7:30-7 when she was 5 months, but I set an alarm and woke up every 4 hours to pump to keep my production up. Breast feeding was extremely rewarding and tiring at the same time.

Haley J 0 likes

We were lucky in that our lo slept through the night from six weeks until six months :) that's when the trouble started lol Now she's nine months and finally back on track. But I tell you, I was more exausted from 6-8 months than I was when she was a newborn. At least when she was still fresh I could nap with her.

Jen N 0 likes

18 years or so lol

Shila S 0 likes

Lol my lo is 19 months and I have yet to sleep thru the night

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