How far into pregnancy where u when family/friends where able to feel kicks

Ayaka B 1 like

5.5 to six months

Melanie B 1 like

Yeah, about half way through.

Jocelyn R 0 likes

I can feel them and she moves my phone sometimes but my husband says he can't feel them I'm 33 weeks and I just really want home to feel them before she's out

Jane S 2 likes

Mine was 4months

Bethany C 1 like

First baby- 21/22 wks Second baby- 15/16 wks

M. S 1 like

Lay on your left side with your feet curled and daddy will feel the kick!!! Good luck and I cannot wait till you see his face the first time he feels that movement!!!

Amy V 1 like

I felt it about 20 weeks. My baby would be active after I ate or when I was laying down. Try to have your husband feel it then. Good luck. Hope it he feels the baby :)

Lizbeth G 1 like

I could feel my baby move at 22 weeks but my husband didn't get to feel her move around untill 30-32 weeks

Bethany W 2 likes

No one ever felt my kicks besides me. I had an anterior placenta. It was in the front so it blocked most of the kicking. I didn't feel the kicks myself until pretty late in the pregnancy.

KiKi B 1 like

6 months

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