How expensive was your baby delivery with insurance? Mine in HDHP plan and c section came out super expensive, almost $5000 😞😞

Fabiola N 2 likes

I dont recall them telling me but my insuramce covered everything even medicine ☺️

Missy R 2 likes

Am with United health care but just the delivery room was 1800 plus $300 of my son !!! I still haven't received the medicine ones nor epidural

Fabiola N 2 likes

May i ask why you guys have to pay !?

Mom Of 2 2 likes

My medical bill was $35k when I had my oldest. Thank God for great medical coverage. I was induced and I had an emergency c-section. I was in the hospital for a week all together. I'm not sure if anything had to be paid out of pocket. I was 18 at the time on my biological mother's insurance.

Caitlin V 2 likes

I had tricare and it was all paid. But 5000 isn't uncommon. They have to pay out of pocket because they don't have insurance or they have freakin government insurance. Which only covers some costs after they reach a certain amount (usually a couple thousand). Call the hospital and ask if there is anything you can do about your bill. They make such a profit, they will sometimes give discounts.

My N 1 like

So glad I live in canada!

Gauri T 1 like

Mine is blue cross california. I think insurance in CA sucks n my plan was bad πŸ˜’ I will check with hospital if they can give any discount, good ideaπŸ˜‰

Nicole H 0 likes

We have a high deductible too, ours is set at 4k. So needless to say we hit our deductible. I would recommend calling the insurance company, ask them to contact the providers to negotiate a lower payoff. It may not be much but we saved $590 that way. Also, any cash withdraws on savings or 401k to pay medical bills is a tax write off.

Sabra K 0 likes

I was on medicaid and it covered everything. The insurance I had before that was really expensive just for delivery. Payments of almost $500, for like 5 months or so

Z G 2 likes

That's a lot, I live in CA too and have blue cross HMO, I also had medi-cal which I didn't use. I didn't pay nothing and my prenatal care visits were free and after the baby was born she was covered for 2 months I believe. It's a private insurance? Or from work? Trying applying for medi-cal they can help you pay for the bill

Missy R 1 like

I don't have government insurance lol am under my husbands work insurance so are my kids there's a certain amount the insurance covers you medically like if your doctor is charging 500 you'll pay like a 20% out of pocket after you pay around $3000 out of your pocket the insurance covers you completely every year is the same thing but is like if your basically paying everything yourself because my husband gets money taken out of his check weekly

Gauri T 1 like

My plan was through my company. It has $3500 as deductible and 20% after that till $7000 for me and my son added to insurance. We stayed in hospital for 6 days and got a big bill of stay + epidural + nursery.

Missy R 3 likes

Wooow maybe I'll pay half of that because I stayed like3 or 4days because I was bleeding to death thank god they didn't had to give me blood transfusion but yeah babies are expensive wish I was back when I used to have Medicaid with my first child!!😣

Lisa W 3 likes

I had to pay $3000. It was all natural childbirth.

Ali C 2 likes

Eek. Mine was $800 for vaginal. Would've been $2800 for c-section. That's with insurance.

Andy 2 likes

For everything probably $2500 total for prenatal care and delivery. I have regence.

Angela S 3 likes

I have the highest level insurance our school district offers. My husband and I are both teachers. My delivery with c-section was about $7000 out of pocket.

Annie A 0 likes

Omg really? You have to pay for delivery? I never knew so use to living in Canada but then again we pay with out taxes >.<

Patti T 2 likes

Mine was about $3500. $500 deductible and $3000 out of pocket max. Rest is covered under insurance. Since I've met my deductible and out of pocket max for the year already I won't have to pay much for anything else until next year lol. Trying to keep positive about the expense.

Brittanyyy G 1 like

My insurance only covers 80% so I had to pay(well currently paying) the other 20%. For myself it was about $2,000 and my daughter about $3,000. Plus my OBGYN which was about $800. This is all after my coverage. I have horizon blue cross blue shield.

Gauri T 2 likes

Looks like I am not only. Babies are expensive. 😳😜

Danie M 1 like

Mine was free with my husbands work insurance

Sarah S 1 like

Thankfully we were all covered. I was in the hospital 3 weeks before he was born and he was in the NICU 4 weeks. So our bill was over 100,000 and a little more 😳 it was hard to believe. 😳

Elizabeth M 2 likes

I ended up paying I think around $450 which would of been like 10% for my stay in the hospital of 4 nights( not including delivery or anything) . I had an all natural delivery. Then I forget what the circumcision cost. My son was born 5.5 weeks early so he was in NICU for a week n half. That bill is like $60,000 which is still going thru appeals.

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