How early did you put your LO in a toddler bed?

Tiffany B 0 likes

When they were big enough to get in them without falling out, I can't remember what age that was but if your child can stay in the bed without falling out it should be just fine. Good luck mommy!

Natalie G 0 likes

My son was about a year and a half. His crib converted to a toddler bed. I purchased the rail so he wouldn't fall out. Only problem was that he would always jump in and out bed. Bedtime began to get rough lol.

Brittany R 0 likes

My son was 2

Tania K 0 likes

Thanks so much.

Tiffany B 0 likes

Your very welcome.

Alisha M 1 like

We started when I realized she was climbing over the crib railing. Put her in her toddler bed the very next day, my feelings are that it's way safer than her possibly falling from climbing.

Felicia B 0 likes

My son was getting out of his crib at around 18 months so we converted his crib into the day bed and put a bed railing on it so there was a gap for him to get out rather then him trying to crawl over the actual crib railing and hurting himself then he got an actual twin size bed around 28 months without the railing at all opinion once your child realizes they can get out of the crib that's when I would change it over

D'Yani 0 likes

Until they start climbing out.

Christina C 0 likes

Mine is a little over 2 years old and we just made the switch bc she hurled herself out of her crib so that settled that. I've seen people put pool noodles under the fitted sheet as like a border to prevent a fall too

A V 0 likes

When they started climbing out of the crib.

Bekah S 0 likes

I try to start training about the time they are interested in pulling up in the crib. We train at nap time with a toddler mattress on the floor surrounded on 3 sides so they can't tool out and get hurt (we leave 1 short end open).

Megan W 0 likes

My LO was about 18 months. He got too big for me to lift him over the railing. His crib is a convertible crib so it transfers into a daybed. I put a pool noodle under his fitted sheet on the open side of his bed so it would be hard for him to fall out of bed. It makes for a cheap bed rail and it works wonders.

Dana M 0 likes

My son was 2, his grandpa made him a hand craft wood bed for his 2nd birthday and he was in it that night! He was very excited!

Eileen C 1 like

I remember being a little nervous that my dd would fall out so I put a pool noodle under her sheet so she couldn't fall! It's so much cheaper than buying a bumper thing. Good luck mama

Heather S 0 likes

I think when my son was almost 2 when I got his.

Linda C 0 likes

My son was like 2 years old :)

Carmen H 0 likes

My son was a year and a half, he knew how to get on and off the bed all by himself!

Carina N 0 likes

When they started climbing out of the crib! My twins were 3 and my current 3 year old just starting climbing out if his crib, with the help of his older brothers;), so he's moving into one soon!

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