How does your toddler “help” with baby?

Megan R 1 like

My oldest was 2.5 yrs old when I had my youngest so I would just have her bring me a diaper or wipes, maybe have her put his clothes in the hamper when I was done. Just little things like that to make her feeling like helping but it wasn't anything difficult.

J. L 1 like

Julie was two years 11 months when I had Jillian. I mostly just had her fetch things for me LOL! Diapers, wipes, spit up rags, bottles! Then for fun I'd have her help me burp her, dress her, bathe her, just so she felt included. 😄

JVP 2 likes

He did! (: one time even brought her into the kitchen by the legs because she was crying. 🤣

Second Time M 2 likes

JVP 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😱😭 I needed that today

2Sweet B 1 like

She'll give the baby her paci when she's crying sometimes, and she sometimes help with a bath, she likes to pour the water on her tummy gently. She will bring me diapers or wipes, and if I'm in the kitchen cooking or cleaning and baby fusses she will play with her toys and get her to stop crying. She will be 4 this month and baby will be 6 moths this month

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