How does one go about switching a baby from being exclusively breastfeeding an 8 month old to switching to formula, whole milk or homogenized milk?

Amelia 2 likes

8 months is too early for anything other than formula.

Heidi C 0 likes

Start with a 80% breast milk 20% formula mixture and as you see how their tummy deal with it you can slowly increase until it is all formula. It took my lo about a month.

Sophia 0 likes

Switching him to formula for the next 4 months then start transitioning to homo or whole milk. I added some milk to my son's cereal at 11 months then fully transitioned to milk in his sippy at 12.

Eva W 1 like

Switching to formula can be easy. Start supplementing with formula after your LO gets a decent amount of hind milk. Switching straight over could chick LOs system and make them sick, constipated, and gassy. Ease into the transition by starting out with 75% breast milk and 25% formula than slowly turn the equation until your LO is just on formula.

Marianne M 0 likes

You can't switch to milk at eight months. But when I did start my daughter (after her one year check up), I just started giving her a sippy cup once a day with milk. No mixing. I still nursed am/pm

Sierra B 0 likes

I've read that she could have homogenized milk at 9 months

A V 0 likes

I would talk to your pediatrician before switching to whole milk before 1. Babies still need the nutrients from breastmilk or formula until 1.

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