How do you transition an exclusively breast-fed baby to take breastmilk bottles every once in a while?

V L 2 likes

Following. I tried giving 6 different ones, no luck. LO used to take a bottle every once in a while and decided to stop at 4 months

Crystal H 1 like

Following as well! My LO will drink a little bit of water from the Nuk sippy cup.

Teddy P 0 likes

Crystal how old is ur baby

Jennifer G 2 likes

My husband struggled with this when I went back to work. I was only gone 3-3.5 hours, but it was terrible. No bottles worked. It took getting the milk really warm. Not hot enough to hurt, but definitely warmer than I thought he would need. He actually uses boiling hot water from a tea kettle to heat the bottle. Now, my LO will guzzle it down. Until the temp goes down. Then it has to be reheated again.

Lyndsey K 2 likes

I let my SO give a bottle at night and that helped because when my LO saw me he didn't want it anymore but then he was fine after doing that awhile!

Crystal H 1 like

Teddy my LO just turned 9 months today. She will take like less than an ounce of water lol. We've tried so any bottles but the nuk sippy cup seems to work. I am going to try with breastmilk this weekend and see if she takes it. Fingers crossed lol

Emma A 1 like

Try different temps, turns out my lo liked cold breast milk, he refused it warm unless it was from me. We also used tommee tippee closer to nature bottles with the size one nipples. They worked the best.

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