how do you stay at home moms afford to do so? I want to be able to stay at home with my lo because I don't wanna miss out on anything but I can't see how i would afford it.

S T 3 likes

I can't afford to not be a sahm pretty much. An ok daycare here (just ok, not great) is $1600 a month. I'd be working just to put my kid there. We just try to keep everything as low cost as possible. Most meals are made at home etc. Dh works a fair amount of overtime to make sure things are fine.

BoyMom 3 likes

Dave Ramsey! We worked hard to become debt free and we know where every penny goes each month. It's amazing how much money you can find when you give each dollar a name and pay yourself instead of creditors ❀️

Gaby G 0 likes

I have roommates. It sucks sometimes but it's worth it. I look forward to having my own place before I have another baby

Brittany B 0 likes

Agree with aboveπŸ‘† daycare in the area I live is so would cost a lot of my paycheck. DH and I saved up the 9months I was pregnant so that I would be able to stay home with LO for at least the first year. We also really have to watch what we spend. We have a budget for every month.

Megan A 3 likes

You just have to budget. I write down all our monthly bills on a huge calendar and split them up to fall on his pay dates I also budget our groceries how much we will spend for the month, look for things on sale, use coupons. Pinterest works great I find meals to make for a little of nothing. Also if you have a membership to sams/costco it helps for toiletries it might seem like a lot to pay at once but then u don't have to worry about buying the items for a good while.

Ella B 0 likes

There are more jobs that can be done from home than you might realize. I'm not sure what your experience is, but for instance, I'm a middle school teacher...but I teach virtually. I'm also discovering that some companies (like Uhaul) out there have customer service positions you can do from home. Best of luck! I know it's a struggle. ❀️

C P 1 like

I coupon, don't go out to eat, we go camping instead of vacations with hotels. Save money where ever I can. Surveys for gift cards (takes forever). Make my own baby food. Breast feed. Like S T said above I'd be working to put my lo in daycare.

Mj 0 likes

Military family so all our family lives far like 24hrs far . . SO I've talked about going back to work and SO was like no babe because that money you make will just go to daycare & so I'm like okay (: I'll stay home haha I don't mind . But for example our rent is due the 1st & our other bills are due on the 15th so we still end up with play money after paying bills & yes we eat out here and there but the key is to know how to manage your money . Plus I'm not a spender I only buy what I need

Morgan A 3 likes

I'm a nanny and 14 weeks pregnant. When my baby is born the mom I nanny for is going to let me bring my baby over while I watch her son! It's only $600 a month. But it's better than nothing, and I'm making that money while being with my baby:)

Luvn M 0 likes

I wrk part time and my mom has a daycare so I help her on my days off or if she needs me I wrk with my aunt . We are blessed. With the Lord in my life I have been able to stay at home 2 yrs for my daughter and hoping for that with my son. 8 mts now πŸ˜πŸ™

Happy M 3 likes

Made sure not to own a house or pay rent that required more than one person's income. Practiced living on one person's income and lessened dependence on material things. Also like the idea mentioned of a financial planner to help.

Aysha J 0 likes

I sell things on ebay, mercari, offer up, mybusband works. I try to save money from groceries shoppingvery less very rare. I buy only organic for my son. Other than that no extra expenses. I know its hard but best of luck to all mommies.

Brytnee M 0 likes

For me and my SO, if I went to work I would just be paying for my gas to get there and daycare/baby sitter. So it wouldn't be worth it

Melissa S 1 like

Morgan honestly nannys should make more. Ask for a raise. Lol My sister is also a nanny. She gets 1000 a month.

Olivia N 0 likes

Cancelled cable and all the extra stuff, use the ac accordingly, same with all other utility bills, we're not shopping for really expensive things all the time, save where we can, I do yard sales and recycle my cans and bottles, look for the grocery specials and so on

Cara J 0 likes

We cut where we can too. Wash our clothes in cold water (except whites), turn things off to save power, cut my cell phone bill to a lower plan, cut our cable to minimum (we were paying $120/month for our package and we never watched it much), cut out buying coffees in the a.m. And make a pot at home. Plan meals that use the same ingredients. Work out a budget and determine how much you can sacrifice. It also helps right now that where I live we get 1 year paid maternity benefits.

Felisha L 0 likes

Agreed with above its very vital to have a budget, save what you earn, go out on dates maybe once a month, get rid of TV and go with Netflix instead etc. it definitely takes sacrifices in the beginning, but it can be done. :)

Morgan A 0 likes

Your right Melissa.. I make $3.75 an hour if you divide it out... But sometimes if they pay you more it's not even worth the mom working because her whole check goes to you. Not complaining though because my SO makes good money and he is going to allow me to stay home with baby.

Mom Of 5 0 likes

Many years ago my dh & I saw a study about what it costs to work. Clothes, vehicle, gas, daycare, etc. I can't remember the exact # but it showed you needed to make like $16-20 an hour just to break even. You should try googling it.

R S 0 likes

Budget and get rid of any expenses you don't need in particular expensive cars. I did the work in advance, my husband and I worked very hard (at o r point I had a full time job, a pt job at night during the week and worked on Sundays) for 5 years so I could stay home For sure see if what you make working is enough to make paying day care worth it too

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