How do you SAHM's manage the never ending pile of laundry?! Tips greatly appreciated. It seems to alway be a Mount Everest sized pile that sneaks up on me. Smh.

Out N 2 likes

I have set laundry days and I do specific laundry on those days. Saturday is diapers and either dark or lights Sunday is pinks and either darks or lights Monday's is uniforms

Jennifer V 3 likes

I try to fold as soon as it comes out of the dryer and do at least 1-2 loads a day. If not, I get way behind.

Heather L 3 likes

Honestly I just do laundry every day. I have 3 kids and a husband. So I do 1 or 2 loads a day so I don't get overwhelmed. I don't have set days for certain things- I just wash whatever I have! It is definitely never ending!

C M 4 likes

Just accept that it's never ending and I will always be either washing it or putting it away. Just like the dishes.

Boymom 0 1 like

I do about a load or 2 everyother day. I can't stand it when mine is piled up. I have two boys and a husband so I make sure to keep up with it.

Chelsey D 2 likes

Try to get into a routine of doing a few loads a day. Once you get used to it it'll just come naturally and won't seem so bad.

Jami S 1 like

Do at least one load a day.

Teryn S 2 likes

Do 1 load a day that's what we do

Michelle M 1 like

It's just me & my daughter so I do laundry 1-2 times a week :)

Sam R 1 like

Lol I just let it pile up till no one has anything to wear, then do 6 loads of laundry. Takes all day so maybe not a good idea. But then I don't have to worry about it for a week!!!

Linsi M 1 like

I do it once a week. I end up doing 4 loads (babies/lights/darks/towels) & I'm done for another week.

Mommaofkj j 1 like

i do laundry like me and our sons clothes one day usually sunday and then bed sheets blankets etc another day my boyfriend does his own clothes out of preference

Mommaofkj j 1 like

we live in an apt with a community washer and dryer as soon as we get a house probably 2-3 x a week

Annie M 1 like

I do laundry at least once a day or I get behind !! Good luck ❤️

Sabrina H 0 likes

Thanks ladies! Great advice :)

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