How do you moms get in shape while balancing taking care of baby while working full time??! I have a physically demanding job, when i get home all i have energy for is baby. Im depressed because im tired and fat 😓😵😴

Brianna f 0 likes

Maybe try in home workouts? There's a bunch of free videos online...dang I should really take my own advice as I'm here eating mini M&Ms.

Julie H 4 likes

I am right there with you. 😢 and my hair is a mess. I see all if these other fit mommies and I am so jealous

Mommy O 2 likes

Yeah i seriously don't understand how women out there do it! Im exhausted!! 😢

Luvn M 2 likes

Me too all I can do is not eat a lot and always try and eat less and more water and not snacking late

SAHMomma 3 likes

Prep your meals and be very diet-strict. Since your job is so physically demanding you may be getting enough exercise to see a difference with just a diet change. It will be very hard, but try to commit one day fully to it and it'll be easier going forward. It's starting that's the hardest part :)

Sara G 0 likes

Prepping meals is great and try and get up before the baby and get a workout in- it will be tough but worth it- "your only one workout away from a good mood"

Mommy O 0 likes

Thank you ladies

Evelyn J 4 likes

Round is a shape.

Shelby A 1 like

Well your watching tv do three sets of ten sit ups. Then on commercials get up do three sets of ten squats. On your lunch break to for a fifteen minute walk.when your doing housework cleaning taking care of baby put leg weights on.

Jess B 1 like

P90x3 it's a 30 min workout that you can do at home. I love it and I do it almost everyday. You can squeeze in 30min when the baby is sleeping

Mayra C 1 like

Eating healthy and drinking water less sugar and carbs intakes helps out so much already . Just do like 15 mins a day of working out . Legs one day upper body another . You'll loose fat in no time . Especially since your so busy already

Ethan's M 2 likes

Honestly you just have to do it even if it is for like a 20 min walk, I have a full time job and a 10 months old who is very clingy to me and there has been times were I just went out in my back yard holding him and running at the same time lol

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