How do you moms feel about off-brand formula?? My son is on the enfamil gentlease. I've seen the Meijer and Walmart brand similar. Would it be bad to switch? I have WIC, so we get 7 cans of branded gentlease a month, but sometimes he runs out. Would it be bad to do 7 cans of gentlease then switch to a can or two of off-branded gentlease every month?

Ann W 0 likes

I found Target brand to be the closest off brand to Enfamil my daughter would drink. Other off brands she would not take or they made her spit up more.

Autumn R 2 likes

Wic is there to help you, not provide it all.

Shirley F 1 like

I use the target brand of similac and it works great doc said its almost exactly the same thing the only thing i would watch for is if the switching hurts lo's tummy

Ashley L 3 likes

I personally wouldn't switch back and forth every month. It probably would be hard on LO's tummy.

Mommy O 2 likes

My son was on similac sensitive when he ran out we would buy SAMs club sensitive he was fine and SAMs club brand was 10$ cheaper for more formula than similac

L M 9 likes

Autumn- WIC is not there to provide it all??? What are you talking about? I'm VERY thankful for WIC. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have it. I was asking if I could use what I get from WIC, and when I run out, if I could buy what left I needed (1-2 cans) of an un-branded formula?? I'm not sure what you're talking about?? And I have never done it. I was asking if I could in the future.

Chelsea S 1 like

I would do the same with my baby when he used all of his wic formula, idk what that girl autum is talking about, like no one even complained about wic not giving enough. Lol

E B 1 like

I know doctors say not to switch formula often .. You could try it and see or maybe you can consult with the doctor??

Crystal Q 1 like

We used the off brand formula for my son & never had any problems - he's now an extremely healthy almost two year old 😉 I'm not sure I would switch back & forth like that though - most pediatricians will actually recommend against it as it could be hard on lo's tummy - but it wouldn't hurt to give your pediatrician a call & get their input

Alison 1 like

Maybe try mixing Enfamil with the off brand to make the transition easier on his belly

Saleen L 0 likes

Wic gives you the gentle ease one? How?! They don't give me that kind and my daughter uses that

Krystal G 0 likes

You have to get a note from your doctor to get speciality formula. Pretty much anything except regular enfamil.

Jilly M 0 likes

None of those brands are the bed for your LO and those store brands like Walmart and target are worse

Katie A 0 likes

I waited until my son was 7 months then switched to Walmart brand sensitive. The stomach is more developed and he handled the transition fine.

Jessica 2 likes

I did the same thing cause after a certain time they give more baby food rather formula. I actually switch to gerber soothe graduates the big can is only $16 but the big can of gerber soothe is $25 so I use the graduates formula instead when I run out cause it's soothe too and it's for 9-12 months I think.

Lisa M 0 likes

I used the target brand..never had an issue

Out N 0 likes

I switched back and forth. I read ingredients and chose the Walmart brand since it was identical to the herbed one my daughter was on

Ashley H 1 like

It's pretty much the same thing. When I think of not switching back and forth I think not to switch types like between enfamil and similac who are made completely different. Also call enfamil and ask to sign up for coupons. I got three $5.00 off coupons a month. Also samples. Kroger gives out awesome coupons too. I have a $10.00 off powder gentalese right now and I use similac. If you want to email me you address I will mail you all my coupons

Samantha R 1 like

If you look at the side of the off name brand container a lot of them have a chart to compare the name brand to off name brand, just ind the one that's closest to te name brand. My LO has had no trouble with going back and forth if she runs out of the name brand . Oh and if you shop at target for formula they give formula coupons which is great!

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