How do you moms deal with colicky baby!? Man second night in a row and this time I was in a car screaming baby like bloody murder for almost 30 mins! Heeelllp does this ever go away?

Lauren P 3 likes

This too shall pass! Have you tried gripe water and chamomile tea?

Christina Z 0 likes

I have gripe water never the tea how much do you give them?

Pamela M 2 likes

Gas drops might help.. Could be gas.

Aly M 1 like

What really help my baby is little remedies gas relief drops 😊

Danie M 2 likes

Two of my kids had it.. With my first I tried everything, nothing helped and I ended up stressing myself out so bad.. With my next colicky baby, whenever he would start.. I'd turn on the tv and rock him for hours until it was over.. It saved my sanity.. Wished i did it with my first kid

Christina B 2 likes

We used gripe water, he slept in his swing to help with acid reflux and rhythmic patting on the back and music. Midwife suggested fennel tea

K's Mommy P 1 like

Hang in there!! My now 2 year old was very cholicky but it does pass. I learned a few tricks - swaddling & swaying her worked like a charm. If that didn't work - I would add some white noise (you can find it on YouTube or the sound of a hair dryer or vacuum does the same trick). Gripe water & cholic drops also helps. Good luck!!

Jessica K 2 likes

Dr.Brown bottles!!

Lauren P 2 likes

How old is your baby?

Whitney H 2 likes

Take your baby to the chiropractor..I know it sounds weird but my husband and I took our son when he was 3 weeks old and he was a much happier baby after

Kimberly L 2 likes

Dr. Brown bottle and Calic Calm drops. They work so much better than your standard grip waters.

Samantha M 1 like

Swaddle, gas drops!!!!!, constant burping for 5 mins at a time. All three of mine had it. Chamomille calmed my kids. About 1 oz. of warm tea not diluted.

Maya A 1 like

The white noise or classical seemed to work for my 8 week old son but I also use a remedy that has been passed down in my family and its Anise seed tea. Basically you boil the water and steep about 1/2 tsp of anise seeds in the hot water. I give it to him warm in his bottle. It makes him so sleepy and calms his tummy.

Christina Z 0 likes

Thank you all she is two weeks today will try all remedies! And yes I use dr brown bottles love them

Christina Z 0 likes

Months* sorry!

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