How do you mommies watch/entertain LO while you shower? When they are so little it's hard because they need to be watched to make sure they don't have anything covering there face or stop breathing or spit up When they're a little older it's hard because they crawl and start to walk. I'm a single mom and don't have anyone to watch LO while I shower Any tips, advice, ideas? Thanks!

Brooke K 2 likes

I shower at night do my husband can watch our LO. I have put her in her portable high chair in the bathroom with a bunch of toys to keep her busy.

S S 2 likes

Depends on how old your LO is. I used a mamaroo seat when mine was little and not mobile and then an exersaucer when she was bigger.

Robyn L 1 like

I usually have my son in a bouncy seat or exersaucer in the bathroom with me...will sing to him if he is fussy.

Baby Girls Mommy 0 likes

I'm a single mom and don't have any help.... And that is a good idea!

Blessed M 5 likes

Video baby monitor. I shower real quick during nap time

Margaret T 3 likes

I put her in a bouncy chair and let her watch me been doing it since she was born. Also bought clear see through shower curtains.

Sondra S 2 likes

I use to put her in the bathroom in her Johnny jumper. Lol she loved it

Jennifer G 1 like

How old is ur lo? That will make the difference on what u can do

Kiegan's M 1 like

I have a vibraty chair I put her in or a swing Yer LO is ok for a few moments alone U learn to shower real fast πŸ˜‰ but u can put em in a swing while u get all cleaned up! Baby will be ok!

AddyKay<3 1 like

I take one while she is napping or I put her in her vibrating chair and turn on Mickey Mouse club house and take a fast one. I always take the baby monitor with me and set it in the bathroom

Mama Of 3 1 like

Yes Agree with those mommies πŸ‘†πŸΌ I just bring him in the bathroom in the bouncy or car seat with a toy and binky he's usually good the whole time and it's good for their sinuses with the steam and if he starts to get fussy I just play peekaboo or sing with him till Iam finished.

Everleigh's M 1 like

I put my LO in a bouncer in front of the door way with the door wide open that way I can keep my eye on her & she sees that Mommie is still in close distance.

Amanda H 1 like

When my son was younger I would put him in the swing in my room. I had a small bathroom in the bedroom. Most of the time he'd fall asleep. Otherwise I made sure he had a soft rattle toy. Usually now it's when he naps. I've found that to be the best time. I put my baby video monitor in full volume. I have also taken showers at night when he goes to bed. He's now 9 months so it changes a lot!

K R 2 likes

I stick her in the bouncy & put her in the bathroom with me, if she gets fussy I peak my head out & make faces at her & she's usually fine :)

Mary 1 like

Mine is 5 months and I take him to the bathroom with me. I just put him on his bumbo seat, And give him some toys And my bra lol. He likes the smell of it!

Jazmin's M 1 like

Before she could sit up I had to wait till nap time, once she learned to sit up I let her sit in the bathtub with toys while I showered & she played in the water with her toys.

Tay B 1 like

I lock my son in the bathroom with me. My bathroom is kid proofed for that exact reason :) I have a sleep n play rocker which is very portable and I can just strap my baby in and bring him in the bathroom with me. When they crawl or walk, they just get locked in with me and I make sure they can't get at anything dangerous. It also helps that I have glass doors on my shower so I can see them.

Linsi M 1 like

When my girls were younger & still took a morning nap, I showered while they were taking their nap. Now that they have dropped the morning nap, I shower before they get up in the morning (they usually get up around 745-8am)

Ashley C 1 like

I shower at night when LO and SO are sleeping

Brittney E 1 like

I bought a sensory board on Amazon. It has black and white pictures on it and my little one will stare at it for forever!! I put her in the bassinet, roll the bassinet into the bathroom and she'll just stare at her board while I shower. I just got out of the shower actually

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