How do you guys like the name CORALEE? I'm in between CORALEE and CAROLINE. Please help me choose.

girlmom x 0 likes

I think they are both beautiful 💕 ones more classic and one is more unique.

Leslie H 0 likes

Coraline was also a name i wanted for my daughter 😭 so I'd say coraline lol

JustinJr’s M 1 like

How do you pronounce the first name ?

First Time M 3 likes

I like coralee (or even coraleigh) and for short cora

JustinJr’s M 2 likes

First Time MOMMA!! I like it a lot

Bria B 3 likes

I love coralee 💕

Lauren S 3 likes

I love coralee! I also love the nickname Cora

Erin W 2 likes

I love Coralee!!!

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