How do you guys discipline your 13 months olds? My daughter is really just getting worse everyday. I'm not sure what to do. Anytime we stop her from doing something she starts crying, sometimes screaming and will arch her back or throw herself on the floor. I tried smacking her hand but she hits back! So I don't want to teach her hitting and she ends up hitting other kids!!! HELP!

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My son is 14mo and throws tantrums like no other I feel your pain :(

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Following. My son will be 13 mo in 6 days and is acting the same way 😳

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Ehhh I'm not looking forward to my daughter growing up haaha jk

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It is just a phase you have to get through. My son did it too. Eventually it calms down but mostly it just helped if I kept my cool and in a lot of cases if I ignored the bad behavior. A lot of it seemed to be for attention. I definitely wouldn't hit as punishment, just teaches them that it is okay to hit.

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I first try to distract from the tantrum with something else, if that doesn't work I let him throw his fit and I just ignore it

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I agree it's a phase, my son went through that at that age. He's gotten a lot better. When he wouldn't get his way he would scream and throw himself on the floor also, and when he would act like that I would ignore it. And he would stop.

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These are my imo's not everyone will agree, it's what works for us. My son is 19 months, has never had a real tantrum. chose your battles, is what they are doing really worth saying no? If they can't be hurt than what's the problem really. Limit the word NO, try something like offering an alternative. "Sweety instead of hanging from the curtain, let's play with this toy" Don't let them do anything for a few minutes and then decide they can't do that, it confuses them. Yes is yes and no is no.

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I completely agree with these moms. I have two. 11 months apart.The oldest is 2. I stay home with them since birth.And let me tell you.It gets worst.Stay calm... And pray. Place baby in a safe area.... (My little girl did the exact thing throwing herself)Try to walk away and ignore after u sternly say no. If your LO calms down even a little- reward them and try to distract them with something else. It's their way of saying they want something. Best wishes and prayers to u. This too shall pass.

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Mine is 14 months n he's slowing down with that. I was afraid to bring my face unprotected near his cuz he would smack me with both hands. At first it was no no, that's not nice n I would take his hand n caress my cheek while saying nice nice. N he just kept doing it. Then I would pretend it would hurt. Actually it did hurt 😁I'd say Ouchy n cover my face n pretend I was crying. He would remove my hands n give me a hug but till next time n he would do it again.

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It's a phase. When your little one does that just ignore it, that's what we done. Pretend like it doesn't phase you that's your lo is doing that. Also we done time out. I would put him in his pack and play in the room alone (where he cousins touch anything) and I explained , your in time out because you nor listening.. But they will eventually grow out of this phase. It's just hard while they are in it

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I finally decided to smack him back(barely made contact with his face) n then he'd get upset (he's hard headed at this age) n try to smack me again. I would catch his hand b4 making contact with my face n keep saying no. U gotta try them all till he listenable he's doing so much better. Now when he's almost about to hit me, I give him a look like don't u dare n he stops. If he does it once b4 the look then he gets the look n stops. Yes when I tell him not to do something he screams at me😏

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Little by little. Try diff methods. My son doesn't pronounce words yet except mom n dada but he understands me everything. I know he does, so I have to be patient. It's hard but these things have to be taught

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At that age, I don't think they grasp the concept of punishment. I'll just ignore her for now. I'll would wait till she gets a little older.

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Just asked our doctor this for our 18 month old, he's started scratching! 😕 the doc said they don't get what "time out" is or any other punishment yet so just say no so they know you don't like that and redirect to something positive.

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When my LO throws tantrum but not hitting I let him bc I know he's frustrated about something but when he hits us (parents) he gets a spanking . When he hits other kids we have him say sorry and give a hug

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