How do you go about disciplining your 1 1/2 yr old? Now my daughter is starting to yell/scream @ the top of her lungs. I can no longer go 2 Church due to them not having childcare. It was so embarrassing, I was sitting in a service she began acting out screaming not just once but multiple times when she doesn't get her way. They had to turn up the pastors volume πŸ™‰ she does it in the car too. Once we giver her juice she'll pour it all over herself or throw it down..not acceptable. Continued..

Crystal G 1 like

She did it at another church. Walking on the church pew every time I tried to grab Hershey would scream aloud. So I let her be, she then fell and bumped her head and yelled like crazy. I feel like other moms look at me as if they're children are perfect. I even tried to hit her hand and still..NOTHInG!

Shadeara H 0 likes

Take away the things she likes/uses the most

Kade's M 1 like

no one's kids are perfect, ESPECIALLY at that age!!! toddlers gotta push boundaries.. πŸ˜’ i have a 14mo dd who Already has been pushing it... have u tried taking her outside or away from the fun place, explaining why, that she needs to be quiet inside those places? it's so, so hard to find something that works at that age cuz they dont really understand "okay, this is church, we're quiet and good baby in church"... sooo Following this qstn for sure!!!!

Sarah T 1 like

Don't worry your not the only one. Other moms should understand. When going to church I'd say bring lots of snacks and toys. Some of her favorite thing. People will have to deal. Do u wanna hear the baby scream or a few toys jingle. In car I usually turn the radio up loud n just say "oh are u gonna cry or sing n dance with mommy".lol. But I always find when correcting them you need to be stern like when saying NO! she needs to know you mean business.

Sarah T 1 like

She needs to hear that change in your voice. Don't shout at her just don't use your usual tone.

Melissa : 1 like

Please check out the book "Happiest Toddler on the Block". It really helped us a lot!

Lily N 1 like

My friend recommend taking your child out to similar places like church that require them sitting still. It hard to keep babies still and quiet for a long time. So when you are out. Bring different things to distract your LO to see what keeps them interested and calm. This way you don't have to feel embarrass if they act up and you can take you time to see what works for your child. Does your LO go out a lot I the early month?

Crystal G 0 likes

Yeah I bring her toys, snacks, and juices. Those seem to only get her attention for about 3min. Since she's been walking she can't stay still. She's very friendly too, she tries to walk over and stand on the pews to wave at church members and babble loud smh lol

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