How do you cosleep safely? I think I'm doing ok but I was just wondering. He's two months and my bed is against a wall. I tuck a blanket against it to make sure his fingers won't get pinched and I sleep on the side with no wall. I have a headboard with a gap in it so I stuff it with hard pillows so he won't get stuck. He only rolls to me or if his dad is over he'll roll to his dad so it's not much of a risk for him to burry his face in the blanket or the stuff pillows. Also can I get a toddler

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Rail we can change up sides of the bed? Or could he roll over that?

Ronnie R 0 likes

I think the babies doing okay, two months is a good amount that if trouble would've presented itself it would've done so by now. I think you're doing okay padding the side for him. I co slept with my son till he was four months before I started having him next to me in a playpen on the side of the bed just because he started rolling and changing directions he was laying.

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Your doing fine I have been co sleeping with my LO since day one hrs now 8 months and takes over the bed but he sleeps in between his dad and I

reagan B 2 likes

We always just kept out baby on the side of the walls or when the bed was in the middle of the room we would sleep on each side of her.

Jill N 2 likes

I bought the Summer infant snuggle nest it's a little bed that goes on the bed and it's worth every penny . You can co sleep without worry they are contained but you can still be close to them . If it wasn't for this little bed I would have no sleep ! I get great sleep with it

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You can also cram your crib between the wall and the bed with the side off. My son is 1 in 10days and that's the way we've done it. He also sleeps in bed too when he wants to snuggle.

Sabrina H 0 likes

Sounds like your doin a great job mama. I've coslept with my son since he was born. He's 13 months now. I love it! My hubby just modified his crib by taking off the front rail and moved it to my side of the bed. He naps & plays in it :)

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