How do SAHMs do it?! I've been jobless for a year now, with a 4 month old son & I feel like I've reached my breaking point. My SO works odd hours, so it's keeping me from finding a job. (We can't afford childcare) My nerves feel like they will explode at any second. I love my son & all but this momma needs a break. My SO doesn't understand (he thinks I lay in bed all day). Then when I ask him to fed or change our son he makes "jokes" like "oh you're tired of him already?" (Cont..)

Rebecca W 0 likes

Or "how hard is it for you to do it, that's what you do all day" its so aggravating & hurts my feelings. & he knows this.

immortelle 1 like

My DH says the same thing to me sometimes Bcs I'm on leave. It annoys me to no end Bcs I am exhausted. He can sleep 6+ hours at night if he wants to Bcs I deal with the nightly feedings and stuff but then he ends up staying up and is too "tired" to do stuff unless I nag him and I'm so exhausted with it right now

Carlene W 2 likes

I know how you feel. πŸ˜ͺ but my SO is getting better at understanding how I feel after talking to him about it. Just keep trying to tell him how you feel! And express as much of how you feel when you tell him too. Sure hope everything turns for the better!

J C 2 likes

Wow my so does the same stuff!!!

Cyndy M 0 likes

πŸ˜‘ same here at first I was kind of expecting him to help me out more but now I gave up and just work around my baby's scheduled πŸ˜ƒ

Ruth A 5 likes

I am a sahm and they don't get how hard it is sometimes I didn't have time to go to the bathroom by myself for 2 mins my dh would make comments until I went to run errands for two hours and left him with the baby all he said when I came home was i admire you and how haven't you lost ur mind yet lol So now he help out a little more

Annie S 3 likes

It's honestly a challenge for me. I went from being a full time physical therapist and interacting daily with tons of people to now interacting with someone that can't talk lol. I'm home alone a lot with him as my husband swings shifts. I make us get out of the house every could of days would be more if it wasn't 15 degrees out. I also work out every morning it gives me energy and puts me In a better mood. I try not to make every day the same because change helps. The main (cont)

Annie S 1 like

thing is you need you time sometimes or you'll go stir crazy. Try not to let your husband get to you though because you can argue over it a thousand times a day but in all reality he will never know what it's exactly like to be in your shoes and i speak for prob every sahm good luck to you

Rebecca W 3 likes

I don't even remember the last time I had a few hours by myself. & my LO is to the point now I can't put him down or he will scream bloody murder. I told my SO Last night that it must be nice to have 10+ hours a night out of the house & he just looked at me like I was stupid. Plus to make things worse I absolutely hate asking him for money for everything. He doesn't mind at all but it's just hard when I MYSELF can't buy my son a toy or anything. It makes me feel terrible.

Ruth A 2 likes

@rebecca I feel the same way I hate asking dh for money :/ it just makes me feel very uncomfortable so I would do surveys and stuff like that lol but just let him stay with the baby for 1 hour just tell him you have a doctor appointment and you can't take the baby and you will see how he will appreciate what you do at home a lot more good luck to you!!

Katie B 2 likes

I'm a stay at home mom with two boys, 4 months and a very hyper 7 year old. My husband works 60-70 hours a week and told me that my job was so much easier. I left him with both kids for an hour and a half, he hasn't complained about anything since and has been so much more helpful! These men just need to be put in our situation to understand.

SMS1Love . 3 likes

It can get overwhelming sometimes I to feel like I need a brake! I talk to my husband and I let him know how I feel and that I need him to help out more after all I didn't make this baby on my own. He sometimes doesn't understand either he thinks that it easy work staying home taking care of a baby. He tells me I work all day at times but I let him know that taking care of his daughter all day isn't always easy!! Anyways just try to let him know how u feel and that u would like him to help out

Christie M 2 likes

I know what you mean I am home literally all day. I don't even get to shower by myself anymore. I ask my SO to watch our 2 year old while I rest (I'm 8 months pregnant) and he usually just ends up putting her in front of the tv while he goes on Facebook which bugs me so much. He also thinks I sit on my butt all day but really it's the opposite! I'm surprised I haven't gone insane. The only thing I found that helps me is getting out of the house which I hardly ever do :(

Marianne M 1 like

Men don't get it and they won't until they spend a day in your shoes. Even then, they don't understand how day after day of no sleep and constant demand on your body and your attention can take a toll. I'd suggest having him watch LO for a day, or even half a day (no tv, no mom) and get out of the house if you can bear it.

Marianne M 1 like

Rebeca and Ruth, you shouldn't have to ask for money. If the agreement is that your job is to stay at home and run the house, then money should be budgeted for food, activities, household items, clothes, etc and you get that money on payday or have access to the account whenever you need it. Just use it wisely. Having to "ask" for money just adds to your overall stress and will cause big problems.

Mommy Again 0 likes

I left for 8-9hrs running errands, and getting school stuff organized. Yes I could have taken LO with me but I wanted him to see how difficult she could be at times. He has a new tune and helps A LOT.

Kathy M 1 like

I agree with Marianne. His money is my money. Even when I worked its still mine too. Do you javefamily to help you?

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