Hi moms! I have 2 questions about head lice 😒😳 my niece will be coming to stay the weekend with me and she has lice that they can't get rid of. How do me and my 1 year old avoid catching lice from her? Also any tips on how to get rid of her lice for good?

Ashley H 1 like

The only way to really avoid it is for her to not come over. If she's having a hard time getting rid of it that's not good. Her parents need to keep her home.

Kathy M 0 likes

Did she use the lice kit to get rid of it?

Kathy M 0 likes

Vacuum often, keep your hair pinned back. Don't share anything. Keeping checking your scalp. Tea tree shampoo for you.

Kerry S 0 likes

Her staying home is not an option unfortunately. An yes they used multi lice kits. Even picked each nit out which as you can guess took hours

Ashley H 2 likes

Keep her hair pulled up. And make sure you guys don't share anything, brushes, pillows, blankets, anything. Hopefully they can get it taken care of soon. Best of luck.

Kirbie D 0 likes

They need to completely disinfect their house and use the lice spray and shampoo and continue to pick the nits. They may have gotten them out of her hair but not the home. I would definitely if she comes take everything she is bringing and disinfect and do a lice kit Or you will catch it. It's a nasty thing to try and get rid of

Kathy M 1 like

Something doesn't sound right. Or she keeps catching it again. Bc that kit should kill it.

Paula B 0 likes

You can use mayonnaise in her hair and let it sit for 3 or more hours or other oil such as coconut, olive, veggy and baby. And let it set as well with a shower cap over it. You can google "how to get rid of lice with mayonnaise" and you will find a lot of instructions. My niece just had them and my mom ended up getting them before we knew. They need to was all bedding, clothes and vacuum vacuum vacuum! Also any toys or hairbrushes should be sprayed then bagged.

Kerry S 0 likes

We are thinking maybe the lice are immune to it? Is there anything a doctor can do?

Paula B 0 likes

As for you not getting them. If she has them and she's over you'll get them. Everyone always says to put hair in a ponytail that you won't get then but that's false my friend.

Shandana B 1 like

Shave her head that's what we do in my culture. It's hair it grows back

Kathy M 1 like

I think a tight braid or a bun does help. I've (*knock on wood) not caught it and my sister had it. I also went to a shelter (for a year) and all the girls had it.

Dalia A 1 like

There is no such thing as immune. If she still has then is because they didn't get all the nits or live out of her head or house or she has a little friend who keeps passing them on to her. It is a good thing she is coming to your house. Do the live kit first thing when she gets to your house. And do an hour of getting the nits out daily. And you should also use the comb daily. Stop only after several days three or four consecutive days of not finding anything.

Kathy M 0 likes

I'm not sure what a dr would do...I'm a hair stylist and we can't work on hair that has lice. But generally everyone that has done the lice kit and come back has worked. If the hair is really thick or long sometimes I recommended cutting it especially if the child doesn't keep up with their hair( I know it's your niece :/) but everything has to be kept as clean as possible. I'd watch where she sits, lies down...and you...make your scalp a place it doesn't want to live. But is switch to tea tree

Kerry S 0 likes

I'm not sure my niece will take it easily if I shave her head on her.

Kathy M 0 likes

lol! No not shave it! :P how long has she had lice for?

Kerry S 0 likes

She's had it in and off for 6 months. In the paper a month or so ago it was saying births Columbia has an outbreak of super lice. I wish I read it

Kerry S 0 likes

Lol no Kathy someone else said to shave her hair off

Jenn S 0 likes

Stuffed animals that can't be washed need to be thrown away or put in bags and left outside for 4 months. Anything and everything around the house needs to be sprayed and washed. Lice kits are to be done every ten days till gone.

Kerry S 0 likes

We have cut it back chin length

Kathy M 0 likes

That's a really long time :/ I'm wondering Palmolive will work?

Teresa T 0 likes

ThAts rude that they would expose you to that. If she has it she should not come over or you will get it. No way to avoid.

Angie C 0 likes

The mayo thing works. Just lather in mayo and surran wrap her hair for no less than 3 hours.my mom put kerosene and something else mixed in it when me and my sisters had it and it kept coming back. Deff don't recommend that as it burned the crap out of my scalp and my hair smelled of kerosene for like a week after.plus side it got rid of them once and for all lol.

Linsie S 0 likes

I had a friend that couldn't get rid of lice in her daughters hair. We ended up shaving her entire head. If she goes to daycare she may be getting it there. You need to do her hair and disinfect the entire house. Wash all bedding and scrub the house. If you use mayo and a shower cap leaving it in for about 30-45 min it'll suffocate the lice, use the lice comb to get all eggs out. This needs to be repeated every three days until fully gone.

Chrissy A 1 like

To prevent u two from getting them put a little tea tree oil in a small spray bottle of water and spray ur hair. They don't like it. And spray everything else also! Just carful it doesn't get into anyone's mouth. Likely won't be bad but just incase.

Linsie S 0 likes

Her hair needs to be combed through daily with the comb at least three times.

Kerry S 0 likes

I do have tea tree oil here I will try spraying things down. My niece is 11 years old. So she knows that she has to be Careful and help prevent not to spread it and is bringing her own pillow brush ect. But I'm hoping while she's here for the 2 days I can help her get rid of these pests. I've never had to deal with lice before.

Alysha M 1 like

Sometimes it can take a really long time to get rid of especially with thick hair......they just have to keep doing lice kits and picking them out. But the mayo does work and since there are no chemicals you can leave in overnight just put a shower cap on her head

Vanessa S 0 likes

Perhaps I'm just mean, or- bc of my ethnicity, lice is rarely an issue - but little niece would not be coming over. Not just because of me, but I wouldn't be exposing my LO to that. If that was your child, that would be one thing, but....hey. I hope the mayo works.

Charlee J 1 like

You are a brave woman. I could not deal w/ that. I just pray everyday my kids never get it. Good luck!!

Kerry S 1 like

Lol I'm not very brave. I'm scared to death. Lmao. I don't want my daughter to catch them. My niece has no choice but to come to my place. Her parents need to go away for work for 2 days

Emily Y 0 likes

The lice do build immunity like everything does and their life cycle is much shorter so it is easier for them to develop immunities in my experience tea tree shampoo works well and the home has to be treated and treatment must be done once every week or so and be done multiple times.

Beth C 1 like

I've been fighting the lice thing in my BFs niece & nephew for 6 (SIX) LOOONGGG YEARS! It was so bad at one point that i shaved all 3 boys heads before they walked into my house and I put stuff in the little girls hair as soon as she walked in the door! Spent 12 hrs picking everything I seen out.. Just for her to go home and be covered again in 2 days! I love them to pieces but told there parents to clean there hair before they come back!

Brittany J 1 like

The kits never work every night coconut oil in her hair with a shower cap over it Pick out the lice every morning and wash her hair no conditioner do this untell you don't find any for 3 days then check it again in a week make sure she is all ways on a sheet and was it and her pillow every day keep her in the shame char and vacuum it and where ever she sleeps

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