How do I teach my dd to self sooth without letting her cry it out?!

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I would rub or pat my daughters back until she fell asleep.

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And if she screams because she wants you to rock her?

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My baby loves it when I rub her cheeks or rub her head. It always calms her down. I always stay with my LO until she is asleep so she doesn't feel alone.

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Pacifier & My daughter loves her monkey which has long legs and arms that she grabs on too. Or I rub her back and pat her bottom no longer than 5 minutes and she is out! (: I hate the CIO as I did it with my son and he grew up so fast I miss it! Him wanting me to put him down to sleep. Plus I think a baby under 1 is too young for it. :/ I did it for my son around 6-7 months and regret it.

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I will let my daughter fuss but not cry. I feel like there's a difference. The fussing only lasts about a minute most of the time. If that. But if she cries I usually go get her because she usually needs something. I also use a tranquil turtle at night for her to fall asleep too and that helps give her something to watch and listen to without being over stimulating good luck!!


Rock until she was about to fall asleep then I would stick her in her bed. That way she was falling asleep on her own.

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My lo cries bloody murder until I pick him up. Nothing's worked for me. 😫😭 that's not much help but stay positive. I'm still trying.


Every baby and every family is different you just have to find a method that works for you and your LO.

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At this point I rock her to sleep for nighttime and naps. I truly don't mind it, but she wakes up every hour thru the night to be sooth back to sleep. I'm running on empty, I need to sleep. She's a very stubborn girl and I'm afraid it's not going to work, that I put her down almost asleep but awake. She sleeps in her swing for naps which I really need to stop too. Ugh!!


Is she old enough for a rattle? Maybe give her a rattle to play with so she plays until she falls asleep. Or put a mirror in her crib so she can see herself

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She is 4.5 months.

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