How do I handle my colicky baby?? πŸ˜–πŸ˜– She hasn't been diagnosed with colic but every symptom I have read, all signs point to colic. I honestly am losing my mind and feel myself getting frustrated with my baby girl!! PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE!!

Dani D 1 like

What signs is your baby showing?? Everyone kept telling me my dd was colic but she ended having silent reflux.

Elizabeth A 1 like

Do you have one of those wraps you put around your body ? I would put your lo in that .. It's like your lo is back in your womb as you walk it could calm her.. Try swings, or 4 mom thing

JVP 0 likes

Camomile tea helped me kids a lot. It relaxes the tummy. A baby should be at least a month old(:

Maria . 1 like

If you have a Walmart in your area their equate colic drops worked better for me then the brand little remedies. They helps my dd feel better and sleep better.

Sally M 0 likes

If she is fed and changed and otherwise ok, it is OK to step out of the room for a few minutes! You can't help her if you're on the verge of a meltdown. Take a minute, take a deep breath, step outside for a moment and go back hold her close. Try skin to skin, a bath WITH her; white noise: Vacuum, electric toothbrush, sound machine. Try different noises like that. Rock with her and take deep breathes and calm yourself down while she is on you. It might help her too.

Dani W 0 likes

She's fussy Gassy Her tummy gets hard Unconsolable crying literally all day long and almost nothing soothes her. She's very moody Always wants to be in her tummy (I'm guessing to ease tummy pain) She pulls her legs in and out when crying Her feet are always cold and her hands are always clenched

Dani W 0 likes

How much camomile tea did you give your baby? And how did you prepare it?

Dani W 0 likes

What do the colic drops do exactly though?

Jennie E 0 likes

Read happiest baby on the block. It helped me a lot!

Dani W 1 like

Yes! My baby loves being wrapped up against me!! But it just sucks cause she gets no tummy time etc.

Ambry G 0 likes

You should check with your pediatrician. All three of my kids had reflux which sometimes is misdiagnosed as colic. My son had it really bad. He screamed all day and night until we got him on the right meds.

Elyse M 0 likes

Gerber colic drops are awesome

Sheila R 0 likes

Colic is common in a lot of babies It is the hardest thing 2 deal with But colic drops can help, also what kind of bottles do you use 2 feed her? There are bottles that can help with comic, they don't put out so many air bubbles that can get trapped n their tummies And maybe at night kind of elevate her if u can when she sleeps, my son had colic real bad but also was diagnosed with bad reflux and him sleeping elevated a bit helped him

Dani D 0 likes

I would do some research on reflux. My paediatrician told me colic is usually long fussiness, but always around the same time of day. If she's constantly fussy all day, it could be something else. Does your lo arch her back at all when she feeds? My daughter did everything you listed, paediatrician put her on Prevacid for reflux and within days she was a completely different baby!

Amelia β 0 likes

Mylicon gas drops! It's the only thing that helped my son. And burp her after every ounce or so. It helps get the air out. We also changed bottles and only use the ones with the air things in them (dr. Brown, playtex vent aire, and munhkin latch). We also had to change his formula to alimintum, and he was eventually given acid reflux medicine and we haven't had a problem since

Victoria E 0 likes

Are you breastfeeding? What are you eating? Milk products and caffeine can do it if you are eating it. Change your diet to a plain diet and she will feel better. If she is on your chest she still is getting tummy time just on your chest. But gas drops every feeding helps or soothing sounds like a vacuum.

Elsy W 0 likes

I had the same problem with my son. We tried everything but he still cried for hours at the time and you could see the pain.We tried the mylicon has drops but it only helped so much. We heard about this homeopathic gripe water, it works on the intestines (unlike the mylicon, only works on the stomach) and we haven't had an episode like that anymore. It's miraculous. The only problem is that the color of the liquid is black and it stains. And also is way more expensive than others, worth it tho!

Jaxx M 0 likes

Is she breastfeeding or formula. I thought the same for my LO. All along was the formula. We both suffered all these symptoms until 7 weeks old when I decided to give it a try and change. It took me a little bit to find the right kind be it was life changing and happy baby and ++++sleep when we changed it to the Alimentum for colic and allergies.

Jayme P 0 likes

Talk to pedi about how changing formula, the dr Browns bottles are miricales, and aske pedi about axcid drops but def talk to your pedi about it

Sheila R 0 likes

That's true formula could b the cause of it also

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