How do all you stay at home moms do everything?! My husband is about to go back to work from paternity leave and I'm getting anxious about how I'm going to do it all on my own.

Sierra B 3 likes

Omg, that's how I felt after my daughter was born. But I loved it after the first day, because the house was nice & quiet. You'll do fine!😊 your just over thinking the situation, that's all.

Sunshine F 3 likes

I have my mom and sister close by so I get help if I'm going crazy. It's good to get out. Hope you have ppl around.

Mom Of 5 3 likes

Just start with what's most important & do what you can. To be honest my house it always a disaster. There are 7 of us living in a 3 bedroom house & just not room for everyone & their belongs.

Gabriela A 1 like

I simply lower my expectations and don't do everything lol. My focus is my son, preparing fresh healthy food for him, keeping him clean and entertained... The house is clean but an absolute mess. I just can't do it all. Something has to give and I'm totally ok with that as long as DS is thriving.

Jacenda β 1 like

It gets easier! I run a business from home and have a 4 month old. my husband works full time. You get into a routine! I keep a planner and try and get stuff done during naps.

Heather P 4 likes

I have 4 and I stay at home. I wouldn't change anything neither. Thinking about what you have to do make you tired and waste time. It seem to come easier for me when I didn't think about what I had to do or how to do it or the time I just did it. The you think the less you want to get something done at lease for me so I just do it without thinking. Once they all go to bed I then can think and have my time.

Ashley R 4 likes

You can't do everything. Get the kids on a realistic schedule, try to prep ahead of time, I start laundry first thing in the morning and fold it all during their nap. If I wait too late it doesn't get done. As far as other chores I keep up with the kitchen, only allow food in kitchen so I'm not cleaning it up through out the house. I don't worry about anything else throughout the day. I'll mop/vacuum after girls go to bed.They help me clean up toys. My husband works late everyday so it just me.

Danie M 6 likes

I don't, I accept that I can't and focus on only the important things and get to the rest when I can

Liams M 5 likes

Just because your husband is going back to work and your staying home doesn't mean that he gets out of his responsibilities at home. If you feel overwhelmed ask for help and tell him that he needs to throw in the occasional laundry or switch it over, help with dinner or dishes after. Throughout the day yes I'll do some cleaning and I'll start dinner but when my SO gets home he will help out by feeding LO, doing laundry that may not have gotten done, little things so that we can relax together

Jamie 5 likes

I'm a stay at home of four boys and like the other women's say you can't do it all!!! You do what's important and leave what's not. When you have kids you have to understand your house will never be the same "clean" again!!! If I spend all day cleaning I would miss out on so much with my children!

Gunner Danger's M 2 likes

I focus on caring for the baby. Playing with him, teaching him, we go out everyday, enjoying the time we have together. My husband is more concerned with having our child raised than he is about having a spotless house. The laundry can wait if it has to. I'm lucky that my husband understands that I do all I can and he's ok with that. It was easier when my son was little but now that he's mobile it's a whole new ballgame. You'll settle into a routine that works best for your family, it will work!

Erin D 2 likes

Don't expect the house to be perfect, all the laundry done and live in a perfect world!! 😜 it's tough being a stay at home mom, but it's also the best job in the world! If things get out of hand, don't be afraid to ask for help. Even get your husband to help when he gets home. I'll make dinner and he'll clean up afterwards or he'll play with the baby to give me a break. Chores can wait. Spend as much time with your LO as possible. They grow so fast!

Mel Marie 3 likes

It's hard! Just try to get rest! That way you can be up early and be on top of everything throughout the day!

Elizabeth B 3 likes

Just don't think too much about how daunting it seems! Enjoy your baby and do what you can. You'll get more done than you thought you could. :)

Nichole F 1 like

Don't expect miracles from yourself. It's not easy, give yourself Time to adjust to doing it all alone. My SO decided that the day after we got home he wanted to go back to it was a process. Hey plenty of rest and only do what you can. Baby ranks over any dirty dish or full clothes hamper. Now at 7 weeks im almost adjusted, but we still have our days where we just cuddle and do nothing! Good luck!

Samina S 0 likes

It's is really hard for moms to manage everything I have twins n have hard time

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