How did everyone go about finding a babysitter??

Baby Girl 2 likes it's a great site!! Got my nanny from there

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Ask on Facebook to see if you have any friends that can recommend someone.

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CCAP Experience References Skills (first aid, CPR, aed.)

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I'm a babysitter and I post my application on Facebook local mom pages and

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We went on fb & put an add on one of the groups that's in are area for fb looking for a baby sitter, then we we set up interviews so we could meet the girls & get to know them better. We interviewed 20 girls & only found two we really like

Ashley B 2 likes is a great resource

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Some we're allergic to dogs, which wouldn't work out cause we have a dog. Others I wouldn't trust them watching my dog let alone my baby. The girl I liked that I hired lives in the same town & she wanted to meet the girls. First girl I interviewed that wanted to meet the girls. She went in their bedroom & she was playing dress up with them & was having a tea party

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I used family friends but I also babysit for people (I only need one for dates) I advertised on fb &

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Mine have always been somebody from the family. My SIL used to always babysit my kids but she started going to a church, and she started going out too much, and my kids started getting sick real often, they used to always come with a cold. Now I take my kids to a woman that I know from church, and she always have babysitted kids. My kids they get along with her kids and they seem to not have problems, and they always come good, and she is a stay home mom.

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