How can I help my wife who is a stay at home mom and lives away from her family feel less lonely and disconnected from the world. I work all day and have encouraged her by finding activities for her and the baby but she always says she's too tired or it's too hard to do all that. I also want my son to get out of the house more. Any ideas?

Elizabeth M 2 likes

Join a mommy workout group!

Aley S 1 like

Play dates with other moms that have similar aged children

Mama J 4 likes

They have mommy & baby groups.. I'm the same, I just don't feel like doing anything. I'm also away from family and I stay at home. What's helped me the most is going for a walk in the morning, gets me rejuvenated for the day.

Megan W 2 likes

One consideration is that she may be depressed, fatigue and despondence are symptoms of depression. I say keep inviting her but if she says it's too much then go over to her place to hang out if that's okay, or offer to pick her and baby up so she doesn't have to do that part. I'm a SAHM and live away from all our family so I'm on my own everyday and I know how overwhelming it can get to get out of the house. (cont)

Megan W 1 like

The key is to keep taking to her and making her feel like she has a community. But if it starts looking like she's really depressed I would recommend she get some help.

Ambry G 1 like

I'm sure there are mom groups in your area. Your local YMCA may have things too. It's scary at first especially if she is a first time mom. Hormones play a huge role in it too.

Mom Of 2 1 like

Look for mommy and me classes in your area. She can meet other moms there. At the local mall out here every week they do activities for moms and children under 5. See if your local mall does that. You can also search Facebook for local mom groups. If she meet with someone from the Facebook group tell her to be careful and always meet in public. Depending on where you live & the age of the child she can take him to a splash pad. There are other parents out there. She can always go to the park

Julie R 2 likes

Love all these suggestions. I'm a first time sahm who's baby had colic the first 3 mo- I was depressed, lonely, and starting to feel resentful. I started going to the library for their baby classes where I met a few more moms. We now have plans 4-5 days a week between play groups and the library. She just has to get over that first hump and it really helps. I got so much happier and feel blessed every day to be home with my baby.

Caitlin V 1 like

The best thing for me was a gym membership at a place with a kids room. Drop the kiddos off for an hour or two, get in a quick workout, and then relax in their hot tubs or sauna. The workout pumped up the endorphins and the spa helped relax and not feel so stressed.

Mommy And M 1 like

Yes the gym membership has also been a consideration so she can go workout and have childcare. I have her a calendar of mom groups for babies like the library book babies group etc and I push her to get out as much as I can but its like pulling teeth. She did have post partum and is on meds to help but now her mom is critically ill and she feels guilty for not being able to be there. She went for a month at first but her moms recovery will be long and extensive.

J.O.M. 1 like

I was thinking depressed as well- maybe that needs to be addressed first to be able to be best mommy she can be ❀️❀️

Mommy And M 1 like

I think I'm always trying to solve issues when I see them with practical solutions and not being able to fix things regarding her emotions is a difficult challenge for me in that I can't do it for her. I agree she needs to step up and do some things for herself but I want to make sure there isn't anything I'm doing that would make that harder for her to accomplish.

Milena Millie C 1 like

Baby yoga

Heather W 1 like

I started working out as I'm a stay at home mom who was starting to get a little sad and restless. Working out and eating healthy has really helped me :) I just started a Facebook group called "the healthy woman" for moms and women to connect and encourage each other. She could join the group if she would be interested at all :)

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