Holidays are SOOOOOO MUCH HARDER now that LO is here!! Having to divide every holiday between each family! & it doesn't help the SOs family are split up so we have to go to 4 different places on each holiday! I just want to be able to start our own traditions! & if I don't somehow find a way to make it to everyone it's MY fault. ughhhhh

Mrs. M 2 likes

I'm in the exact same boat! It's so stressful.

S T 6 likes

So stop. Let them be upset. They will get over it. Tell them that holidays are now for lo and it's not nice to lo to be spending holidays in the car all the time. If they want to spend the holiday with you guys fine BUT they need to come to your house and get over any issues that they might have with someone else because you are not going to tell someone they can't come over. If they don't want to, then it's on them - not you. They are adults too. They should act their age - not their shoe size.

Mommy And M 2 likes

We take turns and spend a holiday with each side and rotate. Other than that they can come visit. I'm not tiring out my child running all over hell and half acre on a holiday.

bahama mama 0 likes

That's how I feel we spend our day! in the car! it was my first Mother's Day yesterday & I barley got to enjoy it because we were traveling. :( I tried to et everyone at the same place for Christmas & come to us. it didn't work so we ended up having to leave early & travel more. Hopefully one day they can all be the adults they are & get it together! Because next Christmas & birthday it will be at our house & they have to come! Thanks guys :)

Peyton's M 1 like

I would definitely rotate or you stay put and invite family at different times to you! Way too much stuff to be hauling from place to place plus at a certain point you just need to be able to put LO down for nap/bed in their own element

Mary B 0 likes

When I was growing up we did our big extended family Xmas for my dad's side a week before. That helped a lot! Now that my LO is on the way, we plan to alternate Xmas with parents and stay home for Thanksgiving... We live in Alaska, my parents are in Washington state and his parents are on Oregon. All the flying and driving is just too much.

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