Hi moms I have a 3yr toddler and she is at home with me cuz am a full time mom and next year she will start school but people asking me if I could take her to speech therapy cuz she doesn't speak perfectly and what am saying is if she once surrounded with her age kids gradually she will learn how to speak but it seems other people don't think so,what shall I do?

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Is your dr concerned w her speech development? If not, ignore the comments. If she's behind, when she turns 3 the school district will do an assessment and determine if she needs therapy. If so, they will do it in the preschool. It's all play based. We're doing the at home speech therapy w my 2yo now. I was apprehensive at first, but it really does help them get caught up.

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It might be because she is not exposed to other kids her age and she is also still very young. It couldn't hurt to go see a specialist just to see what they have to say but I also wouldn't worry about it too much!

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I took our son to speech at 4. They were able to help him so much and after 7 months he was done. They said he graduated speech. He went twice a week. They said the younger they are the faster they pick up on it and learn. He had trouble with the sounds that are blended like sp, ch, th ones like that. Good luck

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I agree with Cari. If your Doctor is not concerned then ignore the comments.


I am in the same situation. Her speech is why I decided to sign her up for school so that she can get help. They are gonna do an assessment before accepting her into the public schools.

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At 3yrs old, they're still learning words and pronunciation. It takes time and practice for them. Being around other kids definitely helps. And the teacher will let you know if you have anything to be concerned about.

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As a preschool teacher she will not learn to speak better without speech therapy if she needs it. You can have her tested because she has to meet certain requirements to qualify for speech. I have had a number of children in my class over the 15 years who qualify for speech. There are so many different speech problems such as only saying the beginning or end of a word they need a trained therapist to help with this, or just not hearing sounds, one of the first things they do is also check hearin

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Doctors don't always catch stuff such as speech because they don't see the kids long enough I had 1 kid in class the doc thought did not need speech but mom and I thought he did when he finally got tested he qualified for speech. It's worth looking into family infant child center to see about free testing At 3 they move into a new category of speech my nephew was tested just before he's 3rd birthday did not qualify but the therapist said to test him after he turns 3 again because he would.

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I work in a kindergarten class. There are 2 kids with pretty intense speech difficulties. Both started speech in the school. In my opinion I wouldn't worry until a bit older, like grade 1,2

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