Hi moms! So my family eats pretty bad we eat pizza drink soda eat frozen processed meals etc we don't splurge on junk food snacks though. I'm sick of it!! I want to set a better example for my kids. Also my main goal is to try to gain some energy and have my body feel better and I'm hoping by eating better that will help out. I'm going to check out Pinterest for meal ideas that are healthy but i was wondering if any one had any advice or tips for me to keep my family on track and eating better?!

Chelsea R 1 like

Weight loss is not my main goal even though it would be a huge plus especially for hubby :) I just want my family to be healthy and fe healthy :)

Maria D 2 likes

Your first step is : cook more . Most of the food you cook at home is healthier than most of frozen meals . Switch it up to drinking water or juices . Soda is bad , really bad

Maria D 0 likes

Second if you want every and weight loss you need some sort of physical activity . Find something that fits your schedule and family and get moving lady

Remiya B 0 likes

If you have a local farmers market you should go her fruits and veggies from there if you absolutely have to have soo go for flavored sparkling water...also cooking at home is way healthier than frozen processed meals but do give your family like 2 or three days a month where you have take out or something

Sarina W 2 likes

I know not everyone needs this or will agree but we use to be the same way. A few years back we decided to go 100% local and organic. We cook every night at home and go out 2x maybe a month to a local organic restaurant. By doing out switch and adding in drinking water instead of soda and changing our eating and portion control my hubs lost 40lbs and I lost 60lbs.

Sarina W 0 likes

We didn't add any activity at this time. We now do walks and still eat the same way. Pinterest is great along with freezer meals you make yourself and freeze. Take one whole Saturday or any day and cook everything to premake your meals. I do soups, stuffed shells, lasagna, burgers, cut up fries, chicken casserole. Pretty much anything. Good luck mamma!!

Hazel L 0 likes

We stopped eating all meat. We don't drink cow milk we switched to almond. Basically mostly vegan now. And at first it was rough bec we were getting used to it. What helped was knowing all the abuse animals go through just so people can eat. After being off animal products we all have energy and feel great. There's so good fake meat out there that is healthy. Basically meat is bad but you can get away with still drinking cow milk if you can handle the fact that is got cow pus in it. 😖

Jennifer D 1 like

Make meals from scratch! Chicken fajitas w/onion bell pepper, chicken kabobs, meatballs made with turkey. Roast chicken, potroast with root veggies! All of the meals I made are pretty easy, and great for you & your kids! I love sweets but it's all about moderation :)...

Jennifer D 1 like

I love meat! And I am/have always been healthy.

Liz H 1 like

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Veggies, fruits, meats, dairy. I try to limit boxed foods to little as possible but we haven't completely cut them. Google ways to cook fresh veggies. Roasting is our favorite.

Stina R 0 likes

I suggest cooking more. And buying more ingredients to cook with rather than parts of a meal. For example some people buy boxed mashed potatoes, instead of just buying the potatoes to mash themselves. And another good first step is when seasoning purchase salt free seasoning. That way you can control the amount of sodium intake.

Stina R 0 likes

And if price of fresh produce is an issue I swear by frozen veggies! And fruit! They're actually as "fresh" as the fresh ones, because they're frozen at the peek of freshness. If you want anymore tips, you can follow me on Pinterest StinaBaby21, I have sooooo many pins devoted to feeding my family

Wallaby M 0 likes

I downloaded the myfitnesspal app. If you can remember to journal what you eat, it will break it down to the nutrition that you're getting and show where you're going over and what you need to do better. I've used it to lose weight and maintain healthy eating.

Heather S 1 like

Start meal planning. Have an idea of what you would like to make for dinner. Weekends plan breakfast lunch and dinner. Have healthy snacks on hand or quick items you can throw together. For example: Breakfast- Assorted cereals Yogurts & granola Fruit Pancakes/waffles Bagels Bran muffins Lunch- Assorted sandwiches Salads Tortilla with cheese Mini pizzas Leftovers from dinner Dinner- Proteins Rice or quinoa Pastas Starches (potatoes) Veggies Bread Just an idea of what you could do.

Heather S 0 likes

For yourself focus on small meals throughout the day. The more frequently you it the faster your metabolism can work and is constantly going. Keep it healthy, have assorted nuts in handy or granola bars for snacking. I always try to keep snacks in my purse or in the car. It's great if you're constantly on the go.

Julia J 1 like

Try food network, Sandra Lee, quick shortcut foods, switch from red meat to turkey chicken and fish, you can also make smoothies, buy frozen turkey breast, defrost, season cook in oven on roasting racks and carve slices (better for you than turkey slices full of nitrates). Start teaching kids to cook soon, get them involved, kids are more likely to eat what they cook ;-)

Laura S 0 likes

Cook and buy lots of fresh fruits and veggies (not frozen) and DO NOT go down the frozen aisle for anything. Lol that helps.

Kayla M 0 likes

One thing that has helped me is writing out what we eat on a white board. It's so easy for me to settle on fast good bc it's easy. My husband and I would talk about what we could make for hours and then give up and order something. When I have it planned out there is no discussion about it. Best of luck!

Kayla M 0 likes

Also, we have the board on our fridge so it's hard to miss

Marie R 0 likes

Meal planning and watching portion sizes has helped our family. I also love crock pot meals. They have all the convenience of a freezer meal but are much healthier. Soups are my go-to food in the fall and winter.

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