Hi moms so my 3 year old niece has lice 😩😩 anyone know how to get rid of it??? My sisters desperate lol

ProudMommy O 1 like

Mayo! Let it sit for awhile. Good luck!

Austin S 1 like

There's special shampoo for it. And she needs to get the comb and pick out all the eggs or they could keep hatching. Wash all stuffed animals, sheets, pillows etc. and dry super hot!

DJ's M 1 like

Dog shampoo works.

Nel D 2 likes

Whatever she does tell her to put a shower cap instead of a plastic bag. A few months ago here in MA a 13 months old little girl had live and the mom put a plastic bad, the little girl fell asleep with the back on her head and suffocated and died😔 I'm not saying your sister would be that dumb, but just saw your post and it reminded me of it.

Lindsay H 1 like

Give home a good cleaning! All heads should be done to make sure there is nothing! And shampoo and make sure there are no eggs left or it will return!

Austin S 2 likes

Omg nelly! I remember having it as a child and my mom putting a trash bag on my head! So sad!

Nel D 1 like

Yes! I've heard of a lot of people doing this. It's so scary, it was horrible to hear about such tragedy happening to that little girl. My mom use to do it to me too. Old school moms, I swear they were crazy. Lol

Nadia S 1 like

You can get a shampoos at dollar general for live. My brother & I both got it from school once summer our mom put gasoline on our heads, burnt like a sob but it got rid of it. I don't recommend the gasoline but definitely get the shampoo fro. Dollar general it's cheaper than the one at Walmart

Olivia H 1 like

Buy live treatment. Then spray your house and wash clothes

Alyson ? 0 likes

Buy a treatment ! If you're worried about chemicals use Mayo...but use a shower cap and don't let her nap with it on...a little girl just died that way :( her parents let her nap with plastic wrapped in her head. Poor baby 👼

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