Hi Moms! So I don't know what to do.. My son is now 6 months old and has finally been breastfeeding only for about 2 months now. We had some problems with my milk supply initially and I had to supplement until he was almost 5 months old. Question.. Does exercising TRULY effect milk supply? Some people say yes some say no.. Doctors say yes and no.. I'm scared to workout because it was so so so challenging to get to this point with breastfeeding exclusively. Feedback please :)

Kathy M 1 like

I think if you are still making your calorie and fluid intake it should be fine. Excersize can be a stress reliever and less stress is good for milk too.

Linsi M 1 like

The only thing I would say is that the tight sports bras & possible dehydration can effect your milk supply.

Rijvana P 1 like

I asked same question couple days ago. Ppl told me that if I keep myself hydrated and not lower my calorie intake then it should be fine. I'm nervous too though. What I do is I usually feed baby before working out and also pump extra so that way production increase and exercise don't affect much!

Monika W 1 like

I worked out every day. Since you will be sweating make sure you are drinking even more water now to keep up with your milk supply. Don't worry, be healthy

Stephanie W 1 like

I exercise on occasion and WOW did it increase my milk supply. I did low impact aerobics and by the end of the 30 minute video, I was super engorged like I was the first few days postpartum!

Daniela H 1 like

Make sure u are eating an extra 500 calories to account for your workouts

Daniela H 1 like

Oooo Extra water too!

Grace S 1 like

I think it all depends on the person. If you are super worried hold off on exercise for a little while.

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