Hi moms, my lo its 12 months old, when is safe give him eggs and pbj ?

Momma Z 0 likes

I'm pretty sure right around the 1yr mark is when we did with our daughter. She loved both and luckily no allergies!

Mommy Of T 0 likes

I was told to wait till 2 yrs on the pbj but i later found out my sister gave my daughter a Reeses and she was fine so she got the pbj sometimes after 1. Lol

Crystal A 0 likes

Yes it's fine .

Laura H 0 likes

I think the rules changed regarding what can and shouldn't be given to babies.. I give my 9 month old scrambled eggs and she seems fine... I am cautious about peanut butter only because it could be a choking hazard due to the stickiness...

Aida O 0 likes

Thank you all, I'm so scared to give him eggs , but I want him to eat of everything... I guess I'll try scramble eggs

Ashlee 0 likes

The rules have changed there Is no proof that delaying certain foods will prevent allergies I gave my son peanut butter blended with fruit at 7 months. I do however have children's benedryl in my house ask a pharmacist what dose is best according to your baby's weight. If there ever was an allergic reaction give them a dose to slow it down and take them straight to emergency

Lucy V 0 likes

I hVe both things at 1 yr and she did fine

Marianne M 0 likes

We did eggs at a year. It took a few tries, mostly due to texture, I think. We waited a little longer on nuts and actually started with almond butter. We introduced in midweek at bfast because dad's side has known tree nut allergies, but no issues. We then tried pnut butter the same way (Peanuts aren't actually nuts so reactions can be different)

Fit Mom Of 3 0 likes

My daughter tried eggs around 8 months and peanut butter and jelly around 9-10 months!

Susan B 0 likes

I got permission from my pediatrician at 12 months.

Tara B 0 likes

You can give eggs and PB by age 12months. Start one at a time and give it 4-5 days or so before introducing the other, just to be sure there isn't an allergy with these two foods. Make sure you only use a thin layer of peanut butter and it can be a choking hazard.

Tara B 0 likes

*that should say "PB can be a choking hazard"... Use a thin layer.

Aida O 0 likes

Thank you ladies

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