Hi moms my baby girl is 5 weeks and has some serious baby acne on her face neck arms chest and back, we don't have a doctor yet so any tips? First time mom freak outs

Kristen 0 likes

You should probably see a doctor. If your baby is 5 weeks old probably should have had AT LEAST 1 checkup already, and to check out the baby acne

Denise H 0 likes

Kristen K- Well we've had follow up appointments with our midwife and she said it was normal but haven't seen a paediatrician yet

Erin S 1 like

It's very normal! My son got it just in time for his newborn photos at 5 weeks lol lasted til 7 weeks. Are you breastfeeding? Put breast milk on it will help or get virgin coconut oil and put it on the acne it cures everything

Erin H 0 likes

My bestie's 4wk is just getting over baby acne. Nothing you can do really. Just let it run its course. Ask friends or other moms you see if they know a good ped. And usually you can do a meet and greet before you commit to ped.

Marielle K 0 likes

Having acne at the beginning is common. But I would definitely see a pediatrician. Newborns are suppose to see the dr every month. And the dr would be able to help you with any concerns (ie. the acne)

Maria W 1 like

My baby boy had it too... I was freaking out. But the doctor said it's pretty normal, it's just from where the baby's body is adjusting to formula/breast milk and every day life. It should go away after a while. Yea it would be a good idea to get it checked out by the doctor just to be on the safe side, but I don't think it'll be anything serious. It's just normal baby stuff. Congratulations on the new baby and good luck with all the ups and downs that are yet to come.

Maria W 1 like

Oh and don't worry, there are more ups than there is downs.

Loveleen K 1 like

It's really ver normal in new born babies it's all happens due to hormonal changes

Codie-Ann B 1 like

I found aveeno oatmeal bath cleared up my daughters baby acne - not completely but it made a difference

Penny L 1 like

Coconut oil. You can use it for all kinds of things. Baby rash. Your own stretch marks. Chapped mouth. Sometimes medicine cannot be used on the face. Coconut oil can be, and it can be ingested as well, so you don't have to worry about it making her sick if she rubs it into her mouth.

Keri V 0 likes

Coconut oil? Works for everything else!

Christina B 0 likes

It's normal. Wipe her face with a warm rag and it will soon go away

Lorena N 0 likes

I agree with coconut oil. I cook with it and I give my dog a tablespoon because she sheds bad and it's not normal for her breed. But it's also good as a moisturizer for your hair as well. Especially your ends. Good luck and congrats.

Shaylece S 0 likes

Regular nonscented Johnson's baby lotion after BathTime so it's clean! Should clear right up in a few days

Tsaiann ( 0 likes

Try Cetaphil lotion !

Irekha R 0 likes

Aveeno eczema for baby. My pedi recommended and it worked in a day.

Ann B 1 like

Make sure it's baby acne and not a result of of her milk. Had to switch my son from breast milk to nutramigen

Jennifer B 1 like

My three month old has the same thing. Our doctor told me it is cradle cap..strange I know. I put breast milk on his face, cetaphil lotion also helps and not letting the baby get to hot, heat seems to irritate it.

Denise H 0 likes

Ann B- would there be any other signs that she could be allergic to my breast milk?

Jennifer B 0 likes

My baby looked very similar and it was cradle cap... See your doctor you never know.

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