Hi moms, my 14 month is beginning to climb out of her crib. I'm so sleep deprived making sure she doesn't wake up and climb out . The crib is in our room beside the bed. I sometimes end up bringing her to bed with me just so I can have atleast 4 hour sleep before getting up for work. What do I do? I saw a toddler bed , is that safe for her age?

Kati B 2 likes

I would say try a toddler bed. It is safer if she is climbing out at night.

Katherine B 1 like

If she can climb out of the crib, she will for sure climb out of the toddler bed. I'm assuming the mattress has been dropped fully already and you've just got a little monkey on your hands! Will she eventually have her own room? (That might change what I'm about to suggest)

Stephanie W 1 like

If you're not comfortable with either, I would put the mattress on the floor for a few months til she learns to stay on the mattress while sleeping..might be safer instead of falling out of something, or if there's a toddler bed really close to the ground that would work too. A climber will find just about anything to climb so be careful of bookshelves and entertainment centers!(I almost pulled one on top of me when I was little, my parents tied mittens on me so I couldn't get a grip on things!)

Jessica P 2 likes

Sleep sack! She won't be able to get one leg over the railing.

Irekha R 0 likes

Yea I have her room set up ,, but just haven't trained her to sleep there yet. But she will soon. Hoping :)

J B 3 likes

I'm dreading the day my 13 month old daughter tries to climb out of her crib.

Mary H 1 like

My little sister had to be switched to a toddler bed at 10months because she bounced out of her crib and would fall to the floor. As long as your 14mon old can climb out of the bed safely, I'd say she's safe. Really, any kid who is walking is considered a toddler anyway.

Rachel V 1 like

From what I've read, once they can climb out of the crib it's time for them to be in a toddler bed. She might stay put once she's not completely caged in!

MamaLoDown H 1 like

Yeah, she's ready for a big girl bed! Time to pack up the crib...

Christine 1 like

I saw a fabulous idea a couple weeks ago. Sew a thick piece of ribbon in between her PJ pants, from one calf to the other. It will limit her range of motion so she can't lift her leg high enough to climb out. Here's a link to describe it better: http://www.amarmielife.com/2013/09/no-more-climbing-out-of-crib-toddler.html?m=1

Aprilbaby 2 likes

Yep toddler bed with rail on the sides. If they can crawl out they are ready. Don't put in bed with you. Horrible habit and at 14 months they will cling to that habit and be horrible to break. Next thing you know you will have a 3 year old sleeping in bed with you every night. I would do any option other than putting in bed with you. Also at 14 months you are over the co sleeping SIDS risk suggested ages have you tried putting them in their own room yet?!?

Irekha R 1 like

Thanks all. I'm going to try the ribbon to pants first, lol. Then toddler bed. Will post you on it . :) I'm still afraid of toddler bed as mentioned she can easily climb out of that and get to other things in the room.

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