Hi moms. I'm going to having my second baby here within two weeks or less depending on when my doc plans to induce me. And it just hit me how scary it's going to be with a newborn n a two year old. I've been overwhelmed with how hard it is now being pregnant and raising my daughter. So I was just looking for advise and tips to make this less scary for all of us and a little less hard. I don't want my daughter to feel left out or forgotten

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It is difficult, I am not going to lie, my son was 2 when I had my daughter, and he started acting out bc the baby was here, but I just had him help me with a lot! Such as throwing her diaper away in the diaper genie( which he loved to step on the bottom to see it lift) also helping with diapers changes, feeding.

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If there is any little thing they can do, let them. They will love it and the littlest things help you as well. Now my son is 3 and daughter is 1. They are all over the place, it's tiring but Fun!

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I had my kids close together I had gotten pregnant with my daughter when my son was 8 months old and then I had to have a c section so it was miserable the first few weeks but you get into a routine and it isn't as hard as it seems

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My 2 are 15 months apart, I'm not going to lie it's been tough but as you get I to a routine it will get a little. As mentioned above let then help with what ever can.

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My son is 7 and my twins are 2 months. Having two small children is a handful in itself. My son was an only child for a long time and now he has a step brother and two younger sisters. It's important to still make time for the oldest, do one on one activities when you can. Include your LO in whatever he may seem interested in. Like holding the baby, feeding, putting on socks or mittens.. Good luck!

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It helps me out as well thanks everyone. My son is turning 7 years and I have a 10 month old baby girl and I'm expecting a baby in 3 months. I was wondering how to deal with the two babies and still focus on y 7 year old. The good thing is that my boy is very helpful.

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It can get difficult but your a strong momma and will pull thought! Don't forget to ask for help when needed and maybe make your two year old feel like they are a huge help that will keep everyone involved and much happier.

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Ours were 22 months apart and the first couple months were tough..but they are 5 and 6 now and they are the best of friends. Also, they learn to do everything together...potty train, ride bikes, tie shoes etc. So some parts are hard and first some get easier doing it 2 at once

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