Hi moms! I was wondering if any of you have tried the " bumbo" seat and what you think of it, I've heard a lot of great things and see many people using it but I wanted to make sure before I went out and bought one and how old does baby have to be to use it my little is 5 months now. Thank you!

Aubin F 0 likes

We use it ALL the time but mine is 3 months, I'm not sure how long they use it though. It has been worth it for us in a big way.

Tiffany F 0 likes

My little one hated it. It strains their hips and I believe it's been recalled. But I'd due more research on it.

Megan B 0 likes

Hi! We loved ours! We started around 4 months and he would just sit there and love it ! eventually he couldn't sit in it anymore cuz he had some chunk legs haha so we got a Boon Highchair and he still uses it at 16 months ! β˜€οΈ

Brittany R 0 likes

My daughter and the children I nanny for love it... And his age is perfect for it ...

Elise M 0 likes

I loved mine I'd say it's worth the investment but it's also worth checking second hand stores or with friends ( I used a friends who was done with kids) but I would have bought one

N 2 likes

I would get the mamas & papas brand instead. It has bigger thigh openings and a removable insert that you can take out as baby grows.

Christine 0 likes

You can use one as soon as your LO has established good control over her neck. I had one and it was useful for about a month then it was useless. If you decide to try one, I highly suggest you get a used one. They're so expensive when you buy brand new and from my experience they are barely used.

Aprilbaby 2 likes

My LOs thighs were too chunky to fit in it by the time I got one. Look at the boppy booster seat too. It is basically the same thing but lasts much longer for the baby getting bigger. It also collapses and is great to take on trips or to restaurants.

Shannon M 0 likes

I buy them for everyone I think they are wonderful! They are great!

Laura W 0 likes

My sons not a fan.

Taryn C 2 likes

Didn't like it. Leg gaps are too small. I got the boppy one which is way better and can connect to chairs and has a cushion insert

Kim G 0 likes

My first loved it but we are having issues with my youngest fitting in the seat..the leg spaces are way too small for her chunky thighs : )

Desiree M 0 likes

She could use it now my baby loved it. She started sitting it in at 3 months old.

Lauren C 0 likes

The leg gaps are definitely small. We bought one and returned it because he literally got stuck. They have one called the mega seat though that's for chunkier legs and it's amazing! My son is 1 and we still use it. And he's in the 99% so he's a big boy!! I use it daily!!

Evette V 0 likes

It was great for us but for a very short time. It got too tight quickly. I'd say we used it for 1-2 months.

Caitlyn S 0 likes

I liked mine but def shop second hand if your not opposed to it. There's nothing on it to go bad really and they are easy to clean

Angie R 0 likes

Not worth it. My girl is 6 months and never uses it. Not a lot of room for chunky thighed babies either.

Melissa B 0 likes

I like mine but my LO is skinny so her legs still fit, I'd buy second hand if you can

Anna L 0 likes

We only used it for a month or so but it was great just before my baby learned to sit up on his own! It allowed him to see the world from different perspective-upright! Definitely borrow from a friend or buy second hand!

Cali^Mom F 0 likes

We use ours a ton but got the Mama and Papas one instead because it has a removable insert so the chair grows with her.

Lauren P 0 likes

My baby loves it

Shannon B 0 likes

We started using it at 3 months but by then, his chubby little thighs barely fit.

Sarina W 0 likes

Had the bumbo and DS was in and out of it so fast I'm glad I bought it from a friend. I don't think it's worth buying full price.

Elizabeth L 1 like

Thank you so much for your advice everyone it was very helpful, I'm defiantly going to buy one second hand and luckily my little one has super skinny thighs so I think she will be fine as long as she likes it..:)

Lindsy H 0 likes

Loved ours, used it mostly after she learned to sit up tho

MamaBear 0 likes

We've been using ours for a couple weeks now and my son is 5 1/2 weeks

Perfectly M 0 likes

It's uncomfortable and dangerous. I recommend against it strongly. There's this new thing out that's kinda like a super small blow up pool but holds baby in a more comfortable way and is big enough baby can't fly out. My 18mo loves to sit on bumbo but before now it was useless. It hurt her hips a lot an left them red and kinda swollen after only half an hour. Look on Google for bumbo alternatives. Good luck :)

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