Hi Moms. I think my SO is having an emotional affair with an employee. I read through his messages with her and he is constantly complaining and having inside jokes with her about their coworker who no one likes. I’m really upset as I feel like he has done this in the past at a previous job. I feel like that is inappropriate and should be something he talks about with his wife or buddies. Thoughts? What do I do?

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I agree. If it's Not work related he should keep his distance and not even have her personal Number. Does he show u the texts? And I would also try to get him to understand How you're Feeling about it and why so he has more clarity.

Nancy D 0 likes

I would deff talk to him about it before this leads to something else! Or maybe he would clarify what this is all about I would suggest to casually mention it don’t get angry or sassy even though im sure you would want to (I would!)

Cali^Mom F 1 like

I think you are perhaps over thinking it with emotional affair angle. I know I am more likely to talk with a colleague about a co-worker simply because they also know that person and have a better understanding of where I am coming from. That said, if this woman is an employee of his, it is entirely inappropriate of him to be discussing or criticizing another employee or boss just from a professional stand point. That could get him in a lot of trouble.

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I definitely Don't Talk to my opposite Sex coworkers outside of work. And I'd Have to agree that if It isn’t actually something work related It isn’t appropriate. I would absolutely Be sitting down and having this conversation With him on how you feel and put an end to things before anything else happens.

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