Hi moms, I need some advice. My LO had his 15 month check up appt today and has hit every milestone, except he doesnt really say any words yet. He babbles all day, and is great at saying dada. He follows direction, knows what things are. The dr suggested having an early intervention specialist come to the house to see if it will be needed. Is this too early for this or do you think its a good idea to do? My husband suggesed waiting another month to see if he progresses. Any thoughts?

Angie C 1 like

You can always have a therapist come out and do an evaluation to see if your child qualify. Then decide after that. I was in the same boat. I kept saying the words will come when my son was that age. They never did. We finally got him a speech therapist at 2 years old.

Mak3 W 1 like

I would wait like your husband said. My little guy is 19 months. He was 5 weeks premature so I knew he would be a bit delayed anyways. At 16 months he was babbling a lot. Like your little guy is doing. All of a sudden two weeks before he turned 19 months stated saying all kinds of words. Now he is saying two or three a day.

Amanda K 5 likes

I would listen to the dr on this one. If early intervention is needed the earlier the better!

Ashley J 1 like

I personally don't think it's a very good idea...my son is 2 and still doesn't talk very plain...the only things he's good at saying are mommy, daddy, want this and no lol...my oldest son who is now 5 it took him until he was about 2.5 to start talking very good

Natalie W 1 like

I wouldn't worry to much. He will go at his own pace. My son didn't really talk until almost 2 1/2 now he won't stop talking lol

Amelia 1 like

Our doctor said its normal and that she doesn't really worry until 2 years or so. My daughter can babble a few words, just has some syllables off at 18 months. Her doctor said her vocabulary would explode between now and her two year birthday. She said to just read to her everyday and sound out many words for her

Rachael G 1 like

Same with my son. Pediatrician said at age 2 that he could start speech therapy if he's not learning a couple new words a week by then. I wouldn't worry about it yet mama.

Lisa M 0 likes

Thanks everyone!

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