Hi moms! How do you guys feel about giving a 7month old Cheerios? He doesn't have any teeth yet but he shows so much interest in solids besides his baby food that I feel bad :/ he even eats beans.

Megan T 1 like

It's perfectly safe. I've had 6 kids and my docs always said Cheerios only approved cereal for infants. If your still worried, ask your Doctor.

Ma W 0 likes

I would be on the fence as they don't dissolve and he could choke...my LO has tried the teething wafers and puffs that dissolve quickly.

Kileigh C 1 like

I would try puffs first they dissolve! I gave my son them and he had trouble at first so I waited a week and tried again. I give it a go!

SSZ 1 like

Mine chocked and scared us to death! Maybe soak in water or milk first to soften? If he likes green beans also try peas.

Zory R 2 likes

I would wait cheerios are pretty hard and small I would also start w those puffs they do dissolve quickly and as soon as you see those beautiful baby teeth pop out then go for it give them a try or you could try to soak them 1st and see how it goes Even the slight possibility that my son could choke on something is my worst fear

Alicia W 0 likes

I gave my daughter the gerber jax they dissolve quickly. And if you want to try Cheerios make sure they're soaked really good in milk

J B 1 like

I started giving my daughter Cheerios at that age and she did okay, so it all depends on baby. I didn't give the honey nut kind, just the regular in the yellow box. I mostly did baby led weening though when she was 6 months, so she was eating a lot of foods in its natural form and not purΓ©ed. Just stick close by and give him only a couple to test out. Cheerios get soggy pretty quickly.

Megan T 1 like

Infants have an increased gag reflex so pretty much everything you put in their mouth that's solid can make them potentially cough. Gerber makes cereal that come in yellow containers that are flavored and dissolve easier. Maybe you should start with that if your baby doesn't tolerate the Cheerios or you aren't sure about starting them.

Linsi M 1 like

Cheerios dissolve pretty quickly. Just watch him. If you're concerned you can alway break them in half, but I say go for it!

Olivia G 0 likes

I give my 7 month old mum mums! They are little rice crackers that dissolve in their mouth!

Leeloo 1 like

Soak them in a little milk first. It helps. :)

Arela 1 like

I would do the puffs that dissolve easily when in the mouth.

Mr. And Mrs. C 0 likes

I think its safe

Kathy M 0 likes

My dr suggested cheerios at that age abd it was ok. But not too much :)

Danielle J 0 likes

Try graduates, the ones that melt in their mouth. That way you don't have to worry about choking if they don't chew it enough.

BoyMom 0 likes

If your son it chewing at all it should be fine. I use the puffs just so he can have organic and a little flavor and he loves them. My son is 8 months

Kara G 0 likes

Puffs instead as others have suggested πŸ‘†

Brynna T 0 likes

I give my six months old Cheerios and he's only got 2 bottom teeth

Momma To T 0 likes

How about Rice Krispies? My daughter loves them lol

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