Hi Mommy's! When was y'all's given due date and when was the baby actually born?? Just curious Mommy to be in about a month!!

Dominique B 1 like

First boy - August 14 2014 but had him july 31 second boy - due November 29th 2016 had him November 17th my third Baby was my Girl, she was due March 20th but decided to come 3 weeks early and had her March 1st 2020 my first son was a scheduled c section due to complications, same with my second. My girl was scheduled As well for march 14 but came earlier then expected because I went into labor on feb 27, had her on march first :)

girlmom x 1 like

4.23- born 4.18 6.28- born 6-6 modi twins medically necessary forthem to come by 36+6

Brandi T 1 like

Due December 24 born November 25 bc preeclampsia

Bria B 1 like

My first I was given 7.7 and 7.10 as due dates by different doctors - had her 7.9. My second was due 1.5 had him 1.6

Mel Marie 1 like

1st was born May 18 and was supposed to be here June 1. 2nd was born 10/10 at 39’weeks. Both c-sections

Mak3 W 1 like

1st- jan 4th born dec 15 2nd- feb 14 born dec 28 3rd- March 2 born Jan 4

Elizabeth S 1 like

My son was suppose to be October 23rd but he came November 1st.

Taryn B 1 like

1st was 2 days late, 2nd was 1 day late and 3rd was 1 day early:)

Mama Of M*** and A*** 1 like

06.09 - born 06.17 08.07 - born 07.31 Both induction

Saleen L 1 like

1st: due July 22, born July 6 2nd: due February 11th born on due date 3rd: due January 27th born January 24th

O & C's M 1 like

My first was born 7 days after her due date and my 2nd was born 5 days prior to his due date.

Tiffany P 0 likes

April 24 born May 3 January 20 born January 2

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