Hi mommies! I need your help! My baby girl will be 11 months on the 28th. She is not sleeping through the night!! I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. She is breastfed and I'm supplementing with formula. I feel as if she uses my boob to soothe because she'll fall asleep within a minute or so? Any tips or thoughts you would like to share? I'm in desperate need for some sleep since I work. :(

Amber E 1 like

Swaddling? My daughter can't sleep unless I swaddle her.

Genny H 0 likes

I stopped swaddling her at 3 months because she would break out of it. :/

Ariana A 1 like

How may times does she wake up?

Diana N 2 likes

Do you keep her up after 5pm? I don't let my lo take naps after 5pm, and he is in bed by 8 or 9pm and sleeps thru the whole night.

Olivia 2 likes

We did the Sleep sense program by Dana Obleman. We read the book and followed it exactly. Lo was waking 6-10 times a night to nurse at 10 months. Took three days and it was tough but shes right your teaching them an important life skill of good sleep. Lo goes to bed at 7 and sleeps 12+ hours now. If you private message me your email I can forward you the PDF instead of you buying it. Saved our sanity and now everyone is sleeping.

Dawn M 1 like

I fed mine to sleep even when she woke (3+ times a night) because I needed the sleep for work. Something magical happened at like 14 months. I stopped feeding her if she woke up after 2:30 and just pulled her next to me and comforted her to sleep. She would go back to sleep faster and within a week or 2 stopped waking up. She only wakes occasionally now and I don't even pull her out of bed. She did also start walking at that time which might've helped, but...

Cali^Mom F 1 like

Night wean. She's old enough to not need to eat at night. It's rough the first few nights because it can take a long time for them to fall asleep without the breast but it gets better after a few days.

Genny H 0 likes

She wakes up every 1 hour or so :/

Genny H 0 likes

I do keep her up after 5 and she naps twice a day for an hour and half

Genny H 0 likes

And I put her down by 8 830

Cali^Mom F 1 like

My LO was up like that at 11 mo. Night weaning made all the difference. She's 18 mon now and only wakes once a night and sometimes sleeps through the night.

Genny H 0 likes

How do you night wean?

Cali^Mom F 1 like

I started by choosing a time (for me it was 2 am) and deciding not to nurse before that time. When my daughter woke up, I would hold her, rock her and bounce her but no talking or nursing. At first there was lots of thrashing, hollering and tears and it took a long time before she gave up and went back to sleep. Each day it took less time though and eventually she would just lay in my arms quietly and go back to sleep.

Cali^Mom F 1 like

After a week or two, she started sleeping through to 2 am. Then I extended it to 3 am, then 4, etc. By the time I got to about 4 she stopped asking for it and we just jumped from there to not until first thing in the morning. She still wakes up once most nights but is usually back asleep within 15-20 min. without nursing.

Genny H 1 like

I'll give it a try! Thank you!

Cali^Mom F 1 like

Feel free to message me if I can be of any help. :)

Love M 0 likes

Here's a chart that helped me with nap times so that she would sleep thru the night!

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