Hi mommas! So as my due date is approaching (December 28th) I'm wanting to get our hospital bags ready, just incase! I've looked online and on Pinterest, and found some good lists. But just wondering if there's things you brought for baby that you used/didn't use. Also since I'm having her in the dead of winter, I know I need to bring her warm clothes but, I'm not sure what exactly. Thank you!

Coryn P 2 likes

Bring a towel!!! When I delivered I was in labor for 48 hours. I spent a lot of time in the birthing tub and the shower and the only towels they had were the tiny hand towels.

Coryn P 1 like

Do you have a birth plan? I didn't use any medicine so I brought my iPod to help keep me distracted.

Coryn P 1 like

Also, congrats!!!

C S 3 likes

A nice warm one piece outfit or sleeper. A car seat cover. I always keep a blanket in the car you never know what might happen. My husband likes to tell other soon to dads to dress warm they keep delivery room cold since I was doing all the work I was fine. Your own pillow flip flops for shower I don't like public showers. Boppy to feed baby and comfy clothes for mom. Snacks for you both,Chargers and baby book or whatever you want footprints on

Coryn P 1 like

A hairbrush for you.

Megan M 1 like

Flip flops. Robe. Warm socks. Your own pillow/body pillow. Snacks.

M. S 2 likes

Lip balm is a must!!! And just comfy clothes for you and your pillow and just your babies going home outfit!!!

Ashley L 2 likes

I'm due Dec 28th too!! Hair ties are easy to forget. Also bring a picture that makes you feel good, it's a great focal point during labour and recovery. I'm bringing a nursing pillow this time. I wished I had one last time. Also plain Chapstick. There's really nothing I wished I didn't bring.

Coryn P 1 like

Your own gown! You kind of give up keeping hospital gowns closed after a while haha.

Katy M 1 like

Coryn, thank you! I do have a birth plan as of now. I'll know more at my next appointment I may have to have a c-section. But if not then, I plan on getting an epidural. Thanks mommas! Do I need to bring onesies or anything for her? Or does the hospital provide those while were there? I've also heard that might want to bring pads, cause I'm gonna need them I guess πŸ˜–

Aren E 1 like

*toothbrush * toothpaste * deodorant * granny panties * pjs * hair brush * shampoo * conditioner * body wash * flat iron * makeup * snacks * towel * washcloth * πŸ’— and for baby * blankets * first outfit * jacket * hats * πŸ’— this was my list, but of course I went into labor a month early and had NOTHING with me lol good luck momma

S P 2 likes

Def don't overpack! Outfit for you, hubby, and baby! Your pillow (hospital ones suck!), charger, snacks for daddy! Toiletries to freshen up after labor. Your hospital should provide most everything for baby and for your recovery. Maybe warm socks/slippers and some extra undies! Hair brush/ties. Good luck :)

Momma To T 1 like

Tooth brush & Chapstick! Your lips will get dry in the hospital!

Ashley L 1 like

The hospital provides clothes and swaddles for baby, you just need one outfit for baby to go home in. You will needs pads, but not until you get home. The hospital provides more than enough. Some hospitals have a photographer that offers pictures of your newborn. You have to buy them if course but if you are interested, bring what you would like on the baby for those pics. Naked ones are super cute though.

Elizabeth J 2 likes

I overpacked and wished I hadn't have. Nursing bra, granny panties that are loose (if you have a c section the nurses will be pulling your panties down checking your incision and your bleeding multiple times a day), an outfit or two for you.

Elizabeth J 2 likes

(I had a c section and didn't get out of bed and get dressed until I went home, before that I was in a drugged daze in my hospital gown). I brought clothes for the baby but he just hung out in the tshirt the hospital put on him until we went home as well. If you want them to put babies footprints or fingerprints on something bring that.

Elizabeth J 2 likes

Oh! And a bundle blanket for the car seat since it will be cold!

Shaylynne D 3 likes

Definitely for u I would bring dry shampoo towel and flip flops and comfy pjs or a rob and for LO warm sleeper outfit and a pacifier u want to use. And make sure ur car seat is fully installed we didn't do that until we were discharging from the hospital and it took two nurses and me and my husband like twenty minutes to figure out how to get the latch to lock lol and sad thing is this isn't my first kid this was just a weird car seat lol

Coryn P 1 like

Oh yes, pads!! The ones they provide are horrid. They generally provide a little shirt for the baby to wear :)

Kristin C 1 like

I have a December 28th baby! He will be 5 this year! Good luck!

Kellie S 1 like

If your baby book has a spot for foot prints, bring it. The nurses will do it for you right after baby is born. They won't do the hand prints tho, too hard to get them to keep their little hands open. Congratulations!

Brittany G 1 like

Camera Charger for phones and camera Magazines Boppy pillow... Best decision ever . When I was in labor it was the only thing that kept me comfy and after my LO was born it made it so much easier to BF her. Slippers Toothbrush/toothpaste Brush/Shampoo

Brittany G 1 like

Swaddles that were my own plus a baby blanket it's cold in hospitals my husband was freezing the whole time so a blanket or sweatshirt plus he got hungry so pack a few snacks for him if your having a significant other with you. You won't be allowed to eat anything but ice chips literally ice chips. Pack your soon to be LO a outfit in at least 2 sizes. I packed a NB and a 0-3 m size but what I really needed was a premie size she's was 6lb 14oz but NB was huge on her.

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