Hi Mommas! Have a couple of questions. 1) what do you all use to replace your coffee habits/cravings? I'm breastfeeding so have decreased my coffee intake, but miss my coffee. I miss the whole ritual. Had a Chai Tea Latte today, was pretty good! 2) where do breastfeeding moms duck out while breastfeeding in public? I'm pretty modest and sometimes have a tough time finding places.

Camella G 0 likes

Honestly I would keep to one coffee a day. One will not hurt it doesn't contain a enough caffeine. As for finding hiding places- you are a rock star super hero who is providing nutrients for your baby. Use a light blanket and sit where it is comfortable- regardless of if people are around :)

Skylar K 0 likes

I still drink my morning cup of coffee it's been really hard to cut down but I got used to it when I was pregnant. I'm wondering the same thing about breastfeeding in public though! I've gotten used to using the cover but it's sometimes hard to find a comfy spot.

Ashley B 0 likes

I always did it in the car. For my husbands sake, we parked away from the buildings so I could. I tried not to be out in public too long bc my son are every 3 hours.

Jane S 0 likes

Its hard to give up on coffee but i do drink in the morning like after im breastfeeding her just only 1cup a dat though, and i when i do breastfeed in the public i just find a corner and just a lil sneaky i cover my babys face that enough to cover my boob too. And definitely if people saw me they knew that im feeding my baby....

Jackie D 0 likes

I did the same as Ashley and fed in the car. As for the caffeine, I drank teas and chocolate milk but nothing really hit the spot until I was able to start drinking coffee again.

April W 0 likes

Have you tried decafe?

Stacy Y 0 likes

I got a good nursing cover that was very lightweight so my LO didn't get too hot underneath it. I live in NYC and I got to know where the baby stores are since many of them have nursing rooms. As for coffee I switched to decaf if I am really craving it but a chai tea latte was also a good substitute.

Linsi M 0 likes

Just beware that chai tea has caffeine in it too 😊. And your LO is absolutely adorable!!

S T 2 likes

1. I don't replace it. Caffeine has never bothered my lo, so I drink as much as I feel like on any given day. 2. I just find a slightly quieter spot, but that's more for my lo than anyone else's comfort. I don't go hide anywhere though. We have a legal right to feed our children in public. No one has ever said anything to me and I'm still nursing my 23 month old in public.

Kristy N 1 like

If your at a store like Walmart you can always use the fitting rooms! If we were out to dinner I would sit closest to the wall and my hubby would take the aisle just so people wouldn't be so nosy!

J S 1 like

I don't limit my caffeine intake as it does not bother my son. I have fed in fitting rooms and the car.

Elena S 0 likes

Thanks for the advice, ladies! Really appreciate! ☺️

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