Hi mamas! This month we are raising awareness for Postpartum Depression. SmartMom has seen a number of our members discuss their battles with Postpartum Depression, a mood disorder that affects 20% of new mothers. We are opening up the conversation about PPD to the SmartMom community while providing valuable resources to those in need. If you've found a resource or have advice for our moms, please comment below with links, tips, motivational stories, etc. #postpartumdepression #ppd

Lady T 12 likes

My advice is don't ignore your symptoms and don't be ashamed! I personally waited to long before I started treatment because I didn't want to believe I had PPD...I didn't want to feel like a bad mother. It is a disorder that we have no control over. Getting treatment is the best thing you can do for your LO God bless

Kaytee Jo 13 likes

My biggest advice for those dealing with #PPD would be to never suffer in silence. You are never alone. PPD can often make us feel inadequate or hopeless, it's important to remember this is NOT true. Never be ashamed or embarrassed for needing help. PPD doesn't make us any less of a mother. It doesn't reflect on our parenting skills. We are stronger than PPD! 💕

Sarah L 11 likes

I had PPD.....and as a first time mom, I thought it was normal at first. But both my midwife and my husband thought something was up. It was more than baby blues. I had horrible thoughts and was just so incredibly sad; i cried all the time, but was still able to hide it from friends and family (just goes to show many more moms have it than you think: they're just hiding it!). PLEASE if you're feeling like you might have PPD, talk to someone and get help as needed.

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Your not alone, don't be ashamed to seek the help you need. You need to be at your best, to be able to be the best mom you can be. Your stronger than PPD, we all are ❤️

Mama J 12 likes

I love the idea of this thread. ❤️

RC 9 likes

I had PPD after both of my pregnancies 😞 it was horrible. It took therapy, getting out of the house by myself and getting some me time, and a lot of support from my husband and my mom to get better. They really helped me through it. I think its very important to have a good and strong support system. I think its important to have your partner on the same page and have him/her understand what you are actually going through. Having a friend or family member help you with the kids is also very⬇️⬇️

RC 9 likes

helpful. So don't be afraid or ashamed of having PPD. Its very common and you are not alone ♥️

PrincessMommy O 9 likes

Awesome post. #following ♡

Ash L 9 likes

That is amazing. Thank you. This is very important and it's so great to have support during that period. 🙏 find WhT works for you.! I found exercising and oiling after a few months of dealing with awful attitude and anger.! I love essential oils I use them on the daily now even on my kids. I also go to the gym every morning with my 11month old.! I release those endophorines listening to my fave music and pounding the treadmill or doing a kickboxing class. I have a lot of anger 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤗

PrincessMommy O 6 likes

My mother has PPD after giving birth to me. She told me about the abortion clinic, leaving me alone and walking off from me as an infant. I've never had it before but I would say, get some assistance. Let someone know, medical, therapy or so.... It will get better and I've seen documentaries done on women who overcome it.

Tiffany 7 likes

Thankfully I've not personally suffered from PPD but I watched my best friend go through it with both of her pregnancies. What I noticed was the more support she had and getting her out and about when she felt able or just going and sitting with her while she went through the anxiety attacks and self doubt, the quicker she was able to rebound. So if you have a friend or family member with PPD you can make a difference and help them through it!

Kim E 7 likes

I will say I was in denial with my first child. I didn't seek help and felt I bonded less with my baby. It's so common and no one should feel ashamed. With my second child I got help right away and opened up more to my friends and family. Not saying that prescription is the only way to overcome it (I am still on low dose) but I try really hard to take time for myself and not feel guilty about it. A happy me = a happy home! Please use this app or find someone to talk to if you are feeling down

Kris W 7 likes

My advice would be get help the minute you feel off. Take the medicine and remember it's not forever and it's better than you hurting yourself or your baby. Share your experience with people and don't be shy about it. I tell everyone that I've had it. Talking about it helped. People never made me feel bad about it they were always willing to help. And yes help that one word.. Take help from friends and family. Get out as much as you can and don't be afraid.. Even if it's just a car ride!

T's M 8 likes

Love this thread! I had horrible ppd after my son and I waited months before asking for help. I now have it again after my daughter who is 4 months old. I asked for help immediately and I think that has a made a difference. I am still in a very dark place due to in law issues but if I hadn't asked for help I would be completely self destructive by now. Ladies ask for help, see your doctor, see a therapist

Joanna S 7 likes

I have 3 kids. A 4yr old, a 2 yr old and a 9 month old. I was just diagnosed with this. And im glad that i got the help before i did something that would cause major trouble for everyone. So if u think that u might have it I would highly recommend it. And my dr told me those with multiple kids are more likely to get it, she told me 1 in every 10 women get it. Im glad that i got the help and u guys will be to. If u need help just call the dr and they will be able to point u in the right direction

Amber D 8 likes

There is also PPA- post pardum anxiety, which I had no idea about until I seeked help. PPD and PPA can look very different from person to person so don't think you're alone or crazy. I would suggest everyone who has a baby take at least one visit to a counselor or someone with the knowledge. Even if it's nothing, sharing your fears, thoughts and concerns will help you feel better because everyone has bad days as a new mom.

Sheila B 8 likes

A friend posted a quote a few days ago and I feel everyone should hear it. "It's okay to NOT be okay" If you don't feel okay, don't be scared to get help. There is no shame in asking for help. I am not embarrassed to say I see a therapist. I'm just now starting again because I felt something was wrong. I feel sssooo much better coming out of her office!

I•❤️•my• k 7 likes

Wow, this is so important to talk about. I'm new here, but the support, friendship and discussion that I've seen here is unlike anything I've seen on any other mom app that I've been a part of. I'm pretty sure I had some form of PPD with my first. I cried everyday in silence, I hated my life, I was so desperately sad. I loved my baby but I didn't like myself being her mom. I doubted everything. Looking back, I wish I sought help. My advice is to talk about it! Thank you again for this post!

❤️MALsmommy❤️ 7 likes

I dont have ppd well atleast I dont think so but my anxiety has gotten worse and patience is very loe and i often feel like i aint good enough or doing enough for my family . If feeling down and feel your not yourself talk to someone rather it's medical professional or family/friends

❤️Kaleb's M 7 likes

I had ppd but didn't realize or understand I did until my head became clear and free from thoughts and feelings. Even if you aren't sure and you think it's just baby blues, communicate that with your doctor! I wish I had

E B 8 likes

A lot of people hear about PPD in the news when someone harms themself or their family. Oftentimes post partum psychosis is confused with PPD and that's what moms think it is so they assume since they aren't "crazy" that they don't have post partum depression and go without help. Having PPD doesn't mean you're a whack job! Everyone's experience can be different. For me I was crippled by anxiety at night, rage, hopelessness, intrusive thoughts about harming my baby but not myself, and self blame.

Natashia:Cinderella 6 likes

I had it with my 1st & I feel it was because of all the new changes happening in my life, new family, becoming a new mother, recovery from birth, & juggling so much! With my 2nd pregnancy I took the time to research ways to have a more predictable routine after delivering and to enjoy all of the little things ...& to sleep when baby sleeps! Luckily I didn't have it the 2nd time around.

Kristin 6 likes

I have had it twice so far, and really hoping not to have it this time around. If you feel like you have it, please get help sooner than later, because the sooner you get help.. the easier it is to treat. I waited 4 months too long with my first & totally regretted it, but I wasn't sure what was happening at that point. A few symptoms are: crying, feelings of dread & sadness, intrusive thoughts, and short temper. Don't be ashamed if this affects you.. you're not alone ❤️

Lindsay R 6 likes

I was diagnosed with PPD after having my LO. It took me a long time to ask for help. My advice is to talk to your doctor. They will give you the best course of treatment whether it be therapy or medication. Or both. Don't be ashamed, or embarrassed. Don't be afraid to ask for help from loved ones. People are understanding and usually very willing to help you get back on your feet. And the moms on SmartMom really helped me too.

Kristin 6 likes

Kim Robinson ppa is a thing too!!

Jen A 6 likes

I had no idea that post partum anxiety (PPA) also is a thing in addition to post partum depression! My advice is don't be afraid to seek out help. After going through this I learned that so many people do love me and that there is hope. Reach out to everyone you can and let them know how you are feeling. Seek out a therapist to see once a week and medication does help. I am now able to enjoy my life and family again. I can now look forward to my bright future!

New S 5 likes

What symptoms do you look for in PPD & PPA ?

Janney G 5 likes

My biggest advice would be Dont ignore the signs. I personally didn't go through it but my sister did have a mild experience. She jad my second niece 10 years after the first so she qas basically a new mom again. My niece had the worst diaper rash that she or anyone had ever seen since she was born. My sister was so desperate into finding a way to help her newborn but would fall short on answers as well as solutions to the issue. She saw the pediatrician and everyone would say it was normal. Not

Janney G 5 likes

Being able to help her newborn she was falling into post partum depression that she would not even go out or feel like a horrible mother. We never found out till my mom went with her to one of the appointments for the baby and the pediatrician asked her how she felt and she just burst out into tears. Please don't ignore your feelings or intuitions. Get help

Colleen O 4 likes

Angel Mommie maybe Mary @ SmartMom can make that next week's question

MommyJ 4 likes

11 years ago after I had my 3rd child, my daughter, I was diagnosed with post partum depression. It was one of the hardest things I had to go through. I recommend this book called 'This isn't what I expected' by Karen R. Kleiman. It really puts things in perspective. My doctor prescribed me meds and therapy helped too. I started feeling better thank God. Any advice I would give is seek help from your dr. , family and friends.

Keri L 4 likes

I have a question.. can you only get PPD when you have an infant?

Kaytee Jo 3 likes

Angel Mommie I took a screen shot that I'll attach to this with the symptoms for PPD.

Kaytee Jo 3 likes

Angel Mommie here's a screenshot for PPA symptoms.

JerseyMama16 4 likes

I'm not sure if I have ppd but I feel emotional most of the time. I always feel angry and snaps at my husband/daughter. Sometimes I just cry without any reason. I couldn't think. I don't like him touching me. Sometimes I'm ok.. or trying to be ok. I told my husband how I feel and he just said "I hope it goes away." 😢

MJ's Mommy M 4 likes

I had PPD about 3 months after having my son and I was denial for so long, but the best thing I did was open up and talk about my struggles. we should never be ashamed with have PPD our bodies go through so much change in such a short amount of time! Talk to your husband's, sister, or your best friend you shouldn't go trough it alone and you don't have too!!

Kits M 5 likes

I struggled with depression and anxiety throughout my whole life so I knew when I got pregnant I would be at a high risk of PPD or PPA. The first few weeks with LO I was fine but once all the visitors came and left and my SO went back to work I could feel those feels creeping back. I wont say I suffered from PPD seriously or fully. I think I was lucky in a sense that because of my past struggles I could recognize I was in need of help early on. My midwife said it was crucial I found some sense..

Kits M 5 likes

.. sense of community. But the moms in the moms groups in my area made me feel inferior and worse. So I started googling apps to connect with other moms. And I found Smartmom. Honestly finding this app really turned things around for me. I could come on here and unload all my worries, concerns, fears, troubles and I could share my little mom victories and people celebrated those little victories with me. Everyone was so supportive and I never felt judged. I didn't feel alone anymore and there..

Kits M 5 likes

..was always some one awake and able to chat even in the middle of the night when I was losing my mind over milk supply or strange colored poop. All these wonderful ladies got me through the really hard days. ❤️

Mary @ 3 likes

Thank you so much for sharing! I am going to ask a new question, but if you ever want to get back to this post just search my name and find under my Questions tab. I will also be writing up all resources published and posting for all of us. Kits Momma Kaytee Jordan TiredMom16 Janney Hernandez

SesameStreet M 0 likes

So we have aunts in the living room where my son plays most of the time. Idk how to get rid of them. I can't use chemicals bc of my son playing in here. Idk what to do

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